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Again, corroboration was not needed in the Bret Kavanaugh case.

So he lied about what the Post found? What was it that DaNang Dick said…?

Falsus in unum, falsus in omnibus.

Lie about one thing, lying about everything.

Fairfax is not denying that there was a sexual encounter, only that he applied force to make it happen. (More below.)

Amazingly — or maybe “inevitably,” at this point — The Bulwark is actually defending the governor and lieutenant governor they helped elect to the absolute hilt.

The third tweet below is by Andrew Egger, a fey ginger cuck formerly of the Weekly Standard and now at The Bulwark. He declares that anyone noting that the Post did not need corroboration to publish the Kavanaugh smears but earlier said it did require them to publish the Fairfax allegations should never be read again.

In other words: yet another stab at deplatforming by people who have completely joined the left, but won’t admit that, because there’s no money in being Just Another Leftwing Hack but some money (Pierre Omidyar’s, to be specific) in being a “concerned conservative” who just happens to support every Democrat candidate.

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