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The presidential devil vote may already be over. But choosing the deep blue sea—also known as the U.S. Senate—is very much in play.

That fact may be found by scrolling down to question 11A in the most recent NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll:

“Thinking more about the election for U.S. Congress, would you be more likely to vote for a Republican candidate who will be a check-and-balance to Hillary Clinton . . . or a Democratic candidate who will help Hillary Clinton and Congressional Democrats pass their agenda?”

A Republican: 53%

A Democrat: 40%

From that 13-point gap an obvious question flows: If Democrats regain control of the Senate, would you be happy with Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders as co-presidents of the United States? Ignore the Senate and voters will pay a price even bigger than a Clinton presidency.

Do not for a moment think Elizabeth Warren is barnstorming the country now only to elect Hillary Clinton. She’s getting out the vote to make sure Elizabeth Warren is in position next year to co-run the government from Capitol Hill.

Sens. Warren and Sanders remember what happened in 2008. The Democratic presidential primaries that year were the historic battlegrounds for control of the Democratic Party’s direction. The Clinton machine, which had captured the party’s policy and donor apparatus, was considered unbeatable. Until a freshman Illinois senator pulled progressives together into an astonishing political force that overthrew the Clintons.

That happened because progressives didn’t like what they believed the Clintons represented—cynical centrism—and they don’t like it now. There is no way the left now lets the Clinton Foundation and the politics it embodies recapture control of the party.

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