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If the COVID hysteria era served any good, it at least forced those in positions of power and influence to flip over their cards, leaving pretenses behind. Today, we are witnessing a rotten “conservative” Uniparty establishment reveal their cards yet again, in demanding the consecration of the notoriously corrupt Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) as Speaker of the House.
Kevin McCarthy is arguably the most compromised man in Congress, having spent the last 16 years selling himself, his voting authority, and his leadership position in the House, in exchange for the accumulation of raw power. From the moment he finished college, McCarthy, the two-time Davos attendee, who has never held a real job, has committed himself to the Uniparty machine in Washington.
McCarthy is entirely compromised by both foreign actors and domestic lobbyists. He is a tool for the establishment, an instrument of the elites. A McCarthy-led House GOP will not conduct serious investigations of wrongdoing. It will not roll back the efforts of the Biden Administration and the unaccountable administrative state. It will not restore fiscal sanity. It will not oppose the slava slush fund to Ukraine.

Kevin McCarthy has a long track record in Congress, and his track record is certified trash. If ascended to the speakership, his corruption will only get worse. Akin to his friends and allies in John Boehner, Paul Ryan, and other compromised Speakers who came before him, McCarthy will just continue to move in lockstep with the D.C. Uniparty. The idea that he deserves a “trial run” is laughably shortsighted.
Now is the perfect time to stand up against the D.C. blob and the man who personifies it. In the political space, there are no other hills to die on right now. In order to restore accountability and order to our constitutional process, the worst of the Uniparty cannot be allowed to obtain more power. And 20 (and counting, hopefully) Republicans have taken on that mission.
Now, it’s truly something to see that some of the biggest “brands” in the right wing media space have pulled out all the stops to demand McCarthy’s unopposed accession to the House throne.

Some have taken the campaign to incredible lengths, labeling those who oppose McCarthy as “terrorists” and “insurrections,” giving these brave standouts the full Freedom Fries treatment.


It’s not just the republican media establishment that has taken the campaign to defend McCarthy to unbelievable heights, the holdouts have also been viciously attacked by their democrat counterparts.

In their vicious attacks on the freedom fighters in Congress, the political and media Uniparty has once more exposed itself as an anti-human force that is solely interested in the continuing growth of their own brands and power.

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