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by Daniel Greenfield

Biden tried to be FDR and failed at that. Now he’s settling for playing a senile elderly JFK
If you watch 5 minutes of CNN or any cable news network, you might believe that we’re on the verge of war with Russia. That’s what the same people who claimed that President Trump was working for Putin want you to believe. Their new war with Russia is as real as Russiagate.
Democrats want to fight Russia to the last Republican.
They aren’t about to fight a real war. Their fake wars with Russia are an attack on Republicans.
Russiagate came after Democrats spent eight years giving Putin everything he wanted as Hillary toted a Reset Button from a swimming pool and Psaki posed in a sickle and hammer hat.
And that was just what we knew about. The depths of betrayal were only touched on when Obama was caught on hot mic assuring outgoing Russian President Dmitry Medvedev that “This is my last election. After my election I have more flexibility”, to which Medvedev replied, “I understand. I will transmit this information to Vladimir.”
The subject under discussion was another fake missile deal with Russia. President Trump later refused to renew an arms treaty which Russia cheerfully cheated on unless we got better terms.
Biden promised to renew it with no preconditions. And he did just that.
To believe that Biden is about to get tough and go to war with Russia, you have to also believe that there’s a Moscow hotel tape of Trump and all the other Russiagate nonsense and lies.
Even while the Biden administration issues meaningless threats of “devastating” consequences and “disaster” for Russia, it’s also made it clear that there will be no troops in the Ukraine.

And there will also be no sanctions on Putin’s Nord Stream 2 pipeline (one of whose lobbyists is a Schumer backer) even as the Biden administration not only killed the Keystone XL pipeline, but the Greco-Israeli East Med pipeline. The Biden administration just got through lobbying Democrats to filibuster a sanctions push by Senator Ted Cruz on Nord Stream 2.
Is it any wonder that Biden signed off on a “minor incursion” by Russia.
The only way there could even be a war between Russia and the U.S. would be if Putin decided to invade Poland. And even then the same administration which turned over Kabul to the Taliban, stranding Americans behind enemy lines, would turn Warsaw into the new Saigon.
You can accuse Biden of many things, but being a warmonger isn’t one of them.
Warmongers don’t rule out sending troops before an invasion has even happened, or announce that they would be okay with a minor incursion. They don’t leave Americans behind in enemy territory or keep sending money to every enemy from Iran to the Taliban to North Korea.
(The Biden administration’s envoy to Kim the Lesser announced that it is willing to send “humanitarian aid” to North Korea “regardless of progress on denuclearization”.)
But Biden would like a fake war with Russia. And Putin probably wants one too.

Democrats have played this game for a while, building up tensions with Russia in the media, while remaining good friends behind the scenes. The more the public thinks a war might happen, the tougher and more heroic the Democrat in the White House seems. And when a war that was never going to happen, doesn’t happen, they also look like great peacemakers.
The Cuban Missile Crisis blueprint has been rerun any number of times. During the Cold War it was a useful defense against accusations of Communist sympathies. Now it’s a failed attempt to attack Republicans and distract the public from runaway inflation, a massive economic mess, the pandemic, crime in the streets, and a dozen other Biden administration failures.
But the vast majority of Americans aren’t paying attention and don’t care.
After four years of Russiagate, Putin and Biden are giving each other what they want. Both Biden and Putin want to look tough, and the Russian is also looking to extract any concessions that he can get from Ukraine and Europe. Biden is pressuring Ukraine to make that happen, but Ukraine’s government knows it can ignore Biden because he’s offering no support anyway.
There may indeed be an invasion and a war, but it won’t involve the United States. Eastern Europe, like the Middle East, has been learning the hard way that America under the Democrats isn’t an ally and can’t be counted on to do anything except issue press releases and sell it out.
The Middle East responded with the Abraham Accords that are continuing to bring together Israel and the Sunni oil kingdoms over a shared disappointment with Obama and Biden. Eastern Europe will also have to look inward, building new internal alliances to avert not only outright invasions, but assaults like the mass of Iraqi Muslim migrants hurled at Poland’s border by Putin’s puppet in Belarus and the migrant attacks on Hungary’s territorial borders.
Whatever Eastern Europe does or doesn’t do, America won’t be a part of it.
NATO is largely a fiction. The idea that America and Europe would go to war with Russia over an invasion of a NATO nation (let alone a non-NATO one like Ukraine) is another myth.

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