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The Trump raid appears to be the “Russia, Russia, Russia” hoax of the next election cycle. This is what they’ll beat audiences over the head with through the next Presidential election. They cant keep him from running but they can constantly say “…but Mr. Trump, youre under federal investigation by the FBI for potentially handing over nuclear secrets to our adversaries, don’t you think…” and he’ll come back swinging about how this is the same as the Russia Hoax created by the debunked Dossier.
He’ll ask about Clinton and Hunter and why they’ve never been looked at for their tens of thousands of digital files that were TS/SCI held on private servers or gave the appearance of sex trafficking, gun, & drug crime or laundering/influence crimes of Hunters business dealings.
You’ll get Anderson Cooper (or whoever they get to suck off government) to say …”but Mr. Trump, its not 2016, you cant just keep saying but Hillary Clinton. You are under an active investigation. They are not…” and we’ll hear this throughout the press from pundits and former officials who want his head on a platter and don’t have enough dignity to acknowledge what this actually is. A political hit job.
The left press will declare it the only objective truth they believe in, unlike, say biological sex. And the idiots at Fox and on the Right will play these sounds bites and allow RINO’s like Ms. Lindsey Graham to respond …”well, Trump better watch out because if he did sell secrets to the Insert Boogie Man then no one in the Republican Party like myself of Liz Cheney…”
They’ll say they collected so much evidence that it will take years until they’re done rifling through these boxes – well after the election. Once the election is over and they prevented him from winning through this campaign of misinformation, they’ll let it slowly die.
But Trump won’t have won. And that’s the goal. This is the next Russia Collusion hoax, and on the off chance he does win they’ll use it to try and impeach him “…we can’t have him in office, he’s under federal investigation for selling national secrets – we must impeach!”
Buckle up. This is all we’re going to hear until after the next Presidential cycle. This government is so corrupt its unbelievable. The swamp deeper than most can imagine. And the establishment will crush anyone they think threatens their precious beltway bubble – YOU or Trump.


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