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By Emery Jones

…and like a frog that realizes it’s in boiling water at long last, a last leap from America to get out.

“This time is different.”

For millions of Americans, there has been a sense of dread and angst associated with the 2020 election.  For years conservatives and independents have felt a gnawing sensation that the core values of country have been changing.  Politics was once relegated to the disagreements of a few percentages of the marginal tax rate or the size of social welfare programs. Despite differences, there was always a common foundation among Americans about the basics of civil liberties, free expression, and rule of law.  For at least a decade, that common foundation has come under attack.  Small fissures in the bedrock of our pillars of liberty have suddenly become deep ravines of civil invasions. It has been coming for some time.  Like the proverbial frog in the cooking pot, we have been lulled into a sense of complacency by the slowly increased heat of tyranny.   Only now are we sensing that we may be doomed.

For the past decade or so, the left has been creating an authoritarian roadmap.  Democratic party operatives, like an effective sieging army, have been testing the defenses of our constitution, rule of law, and cultural institutions to see what violations they could get away with.  The process is the same every time:  The attack on our liberties starts small and is tested in a place or at a level meant not to raise alarms.  If no consequences arise from the violation, then each new violation became more bold and aggressive. Aided by an election and COVID, the process accelerated in in 2020 culminating in events not thought to be possible in the US: locking us in our homes, burning down our cities, brazenly rigging our elections, and shutting down even our expression of dissent.   Even more shocking, despite executing on a laundry list of tyranny that would bring a tear of pride to Mao’s eye, they have faced no consequences.   Only now is society realizing the kind of heat it is in.

We can now see the tyrannical road map that has weaponized the administrative state, suppressed our freedom of expression, removed our civil rights, and destroyed our democracy.  It is important to review how we got here.   The following are examples of how left broke down our pillars of liberty and constitution:

Weaponization of the administrative state:

The weaponization of the administrative state started in earnest under Obama.  After the Tea Party swept control of congress away from Obama, the IRS targeted their funding sources and effectively shut down the movement. Diligent congressmen like Jordan & Gowdy worked hard to expose the scandal, but the Obama administration took another shocking measure of using the DOJ to sandbag an investigation it was likely to be complicit in. Ultimately the investigation accomplished two things: showed liberals a roadmap for administrative oppression of political rivals, and assured them that they would face no consequences. The consequence free environment for tyranny was reaffirmed by Trump’s AG Sessions, who vowed not to litigate the past.

Emboldened by the lack of consequence, the liberal administrative state concocted the Russiagate scandal.  It swayed the 2018 election and decreased support for Trump’s measures.  More importantly, the key figures have not only not been prosecuted, they have become wealthy celebrities of the press.  Liberals now know that they can fully weaponize the administrative state and be rewarded for it.

Suppression of our freedom of speech:

Since I can remember, freedom of speech has been the most celebrated and foundational pillar of what it is to be an American.  The radical idea that you can express dissent with your rulers without consequence is without a doubt one of the key components of American exceptionalism.  Liberals had to tread gingerly at first to destroy it. They introduced the concept of hate speech was created and confined it to only the most heinous racial insults that were universally rejected by civilized society.  We have been aware of its gradual expansion to include anything college professors and their woke minions disagree with, but it seemed confined to college campuses.  Recently those collage grads have come into positions of power, especially in the youthful management suites of tech companies. They began to enforce speech and opinion laws on their own employees, like the Google engineer who circulated an unapproved opinion.

In the past year, the gatekeepers of modern speech – those same tech titans – have cracked down on everyone using their universal information utilities.  Liberal politicians have taken the baton and run with it. Recent hearings meant to address their brazen modern book burning practices showed senators like Chris Coons asking for more limitation of speech on their platforms.  The left will not be out-Stalined by industry…

While our free expression of conservative views has been under assault by fascist politicians and their corporatist allies, the free speech rights of the left have been expanded to include violent riots and property damage.  If you had told anyone that roving bands of socialist activists would be allowed to burn down cities without any consequence like in Venezuela or 1930’s Germany, no one would have believed it.  But it was actually worse, because those who defend themselves against the violence are the ones who face prosecution.  There have been no consequences for this unprecedented trampling of our freedom of expression or the left’s Brownshirt version of political expression.

Removal of our civil rights:

COVID offered a unique opportunity for the left to test the mettle of our basic constitutional rights.  We have been able to watch the erosion of our rights first hand in rapid time.  Liberal politicians have rapidly learned that there is no limit to what they can do to us if they declare “emergency”.  We now have proof of their fascist intensions.

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