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His true supporters may like it; but not the hold-their-nose supporters falling in line to be good GOP foot soldiers. What you see is what you get:

What is important is that we can now dismiss the notion that Trump will adjust his rhetoric or his positions on issues to accommodate the general electorate. That idea is totally and completely false. There is no Trump 2.0, no reinvention of Trump as more inclusive or less combative waiting just on the horizon. This is it.

Trump has said as much.

“You think I’m going to change?” he asked rhetorically during a combative news conference Tuesday at Trump Tower. “I’m not changing.”

He has said some version of “Trump gonna Trump” for weeks, even while occasionally promising to maybe be a little bit nicer and amid promises from chief campaign strategist Paul Manafort that the “new” Trump was coming soon.

A placid debate here. A nice comment about a former rival there. Republicans desperate for some sign that they had not picked the least-predictable nominee in modern history have tried to interpret it all as evidence that Trump could and would be managed. That he “got” it and knew he could not keep acting the way he acted to win the Republican primary contest.

But then, inevitably, comes a comment like the one about Curiel. Or Trump’s shot at New Mexico’s popular Republican governor, Susana Martinez, whom he accused of doing a bad job. Or whatever offensive thing he will say this week.

Being who he is got him to where he is. So why should he change? Why should he stop behaving childishly, threatening to sue everyone, and name-calling?

I no longer recognize my country or my (conservative) countrymen who have enamored themselves around this hope-and-change snake-oil salesman of a dictator-wannabe conservative charlatan.

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