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In this thread we’ll explore what the hell is going on. (

The MAIN player of introducing ESG to the world is BlackRock. “BlackRock is the world’s largest asset manager, with US$10 trillion in assets under management as of January 2022.” (

Earlier this year I explored the overwhelming ownership power of companies that Blackrock has, as well as their political leverage within the Biden White House.
Reading that as background will help with understanding ESG. Some places say ESG has been big since 2013 and earlier.
But the truth is: Blackrock popularized the idea in 2019 and they and the World Economic Forum pushed it on society amid the pandemic. ( (

In Blackrock CEO Larry Fink’s 2019 letter he argued wokeness was stability.
“This lack of preparedness for retirement is fueling enormous anxiety and fear, undermining productivity in the workplace and amplifying populism in the political sphere.” (

Blackrock’s 2020 letter threw climate change in the mix. “In the near future – and sooner than most anticipate – there will be a significant reallocation of capital,” they wrote to the world’s CEOs. (

Blackrock published a PDF in January 2020 that announced their modern ESG framework, adding the UK and European Union were on board with “mandatory reporting for climate risk.” (…)

Fast forward a few months and the WEF published a PDF backing ESG too. They wanted to convince people ESG was relevant. “In September 2019, we began a process of building an effective ecosystem for ESG aimed at advancing the state of ESG reporting…..” (…)

^^At one point the WEF admits that “activists and NGOs” have been able to pressure businesses, so corporations needed to essentially shield themselves now, through ESG. They prop up BLACKROCK as well.

ESG is an effort by the WEF and Blackrock (+others) to shift towards a “stakeholder capitalism” system: pursing political goals through economic pressures to force their consensus. (

It’s not just Blackrock and the World Economic Forum. Vanguard is in on it too. ( ( (

In 2019, 181 top business CEOS came together to commit to the “stakeholder” agenda of ESG.
That number has grown since then.
To thousands. 🚨🚨It’s a full-blown economic shift.🚨🚨 ( ( (

ESG has been compared to China’s social credit system by some.
But others argue that “ESG investing” is performative virtue signaling, even at face value. ( (

The CEO of Johnson Controls told the WEF that ESG is even involved in “redesigning supply chains.” What I’m trying to say is ESG has/will impact on every aspect of our daily lives.

Elon Musk tried warning large funds about how ESG is focused on dollar value and NOT positive impact on the world, and how that in turn that MISLEADS investors. ( ( (

Telsa was removed from the S&P 500 ESG Index a short while later, in a total coincidence. Issues related to “carbon strategy” and “business conduct” scoring were cited as why. ( ( (

ESG is modern political posturing for the sake of serving “Big Finance.” In the pursuit of power. Not altruism. You can interpret it as much from both CNBC’s sugar-coated words, as well as Glenn Beck’s blunt description of what it’s all about.
One of the ESG’s most vocal opponents is James Lindsay (@ConceptualJames).
He has been exposing the flaws of the system for years now. (


But YES to state something obvious: the World Economic Forum and Klaus Schwab thinks it’s VITAL for companies to support Black Lives Matter for the sake of improving their ESG scores. (Page 32). (…)

That is to say: if the “E” is about climate change? The “S” in ESG is about serving the goals of political wokeness in companies. (

But ESG is also more than the sum of its letters. ESG is about CONFORMITY not only politically, but economically. Both at the same time. ( (

The collapse of the Sri Lankan economy can be traced back to ESG policies, as a 2021 chemical fertilizer ban created a ripple effect.

In August 2018 the Sri Lanka PM (now President) promised in a WEF article to make the country rich by 2025 via ESG methods… it only took until 2022 for everything to go to shit. ( (

“In the Rajanganaya region […] families reported 50 percent to 60 percent reductions in their harvest.” “We don’t have enough chemical fertilizers […] because we didn’t import them. There is a shortage.” (…)

The important thing is I establish the collapse of Sri Lanka is ESG related. Yes I can confirm the collapse of Sri Lanka is ESG related. Here you go. (

“Supporting fertiliser production in developing nations would be inconsistent with the EU energy and environment policies,” Reuters reported, explaining the stance of the European Union.
(Ukraine upended ESG initiatives A LOT, but more on that later.) (

Despite the Ukraine war straining the world food supply — the Netherlands moved forward with plans to “reduce nitrogen” — forcing Dutch farmers to make severe cuts to their livestock and resources. ( ( (…)

I covered the Dutch Farmers protest of this move in a separate thread.
In one case: “New environmental regulations will require him to slash his livestock numbers by 95 percent. He thinks he will have to sell his family farm.” (

“My good friend Professor Schwab outlines an inspiring way forward in making the global economy more equitable, sustainable and future-proof.” — Mark Rutte, PM of the Netherlands (

South Korea cancelled coal plant projects in Southeast Asia and elsewhere after Blackrock caused a fuss.
That’s how much Blackrock’s thumb is on the scale. (…) (

India tried to introduce ESG regulations and restrictions on coal mines.
But given their dependence and the circumstances of the last couple of months, they’ve had to back off. ( ( ( (

The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation (HSBC) had to deal with the same “activist investor” push against their fossil fuel energy projects too. (

ESG funds invest in wars in places like Myanmar.
Which in itself further proves its not about altruism. It’s about “looking good,” and people don’t give a HOOT about wars in third world countries. (…) (

“ESG considerations account for much of the decline in capital expenditure by international oil companies in recent years and the investor exodus out of oil and gas markets.” ( (

ESG explains how and why tech giants like Google bowed to GREENPEACE to stop fossil fuel ventures, but hypocritically also have solar panel waste to deal with. (

Even a European Union watchdog recognized that Blackrock was a conflict of interest in being both a EU “adviser” of ESG, while also profiting in that same field. ( (…)

Now. The ESG powers-that-be used to NOT take nuclear energy seriously for its potential.
That includes Blackrock. (…) ( (

^^The European Union changed their mind at the beginning of July, saying “some” nuclear and natural gas can be “green.” A desperate move that exposes how completely arbitrary ESG rules are. (

Once the Russian invasion of Ukraine happened? Blackrock was like “HOLD UP. Lets reverse our energy policy a bit.” In my opinion: Blackrock just don’t want you to blame them for getting the world in the ESG mess in the first place. :^) (

^^Some ESG groups changed rules to allow “defense stocks” investment again, at the invasion’s onset.
But months later? People are expressing doubts about ESG altogether. ( ( ( (


Home Depot’s ESG score was impacted by being “TRUMP INVOLVED.”
I bet that “SPECIAL ISSUE” is different from Hasbro’s “diverse board” and “working mother-friendly” tags. (…) (…)

You can TRY to look at ESG scores to learn things. Places like banks seem to score higher than energy companies/manufacturing with many found at the bottom. (

… but ESG raters all have different methods. It’s really confusing shit. Take Home Depot as an example.
Are they:
> 87?
> 12.6?
> or AA? (…) (…) (…)

^So why even bother? As @ConceptualJames pointed out: Disney’s high ESG rating didn’t stop their stock from TANKING a few months ago because of their clash with Florida. (

All kinds of companies have jumped aboard the ESG train. Tobacco. VMware. Experian. The Teamsters. ( ( ( (

> Be you
> Drinking a Coca Cola
> Play World of Warcraft

ESG is on your cruise ships.
ESG is in your anime. ( (

Look all the PDFs on Pearson’s website in their ESG section. Someone’s job is to type up the company’s glorified bragging for political correctness crap. (…)

ESG. Everywhere. ( ( ( ( ( (

ESG explains the forced shift into an age of corporations moral preaching, and the accelerated push towards more political correctness in all parts of society. ( ( (

Yes. ESG in all parts of society means crypto too. ( ( (

It’s not a “conspiracy” if it’s out in the open. ESG brings together the USA and European Union into the clutches of the World Economic Forum. (

Trump’s Department of Labor made a rule saying ESG retirement funds would have to PROVE that ESG abided by Section 404 of the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (ERISA).
The Biden administration decided to IGNORE said ruling. (…)

…. in fact the Biden administration is trying to ALLOW ESG activist funds to play with the retirement money of Americans. (

Last November, the SEC issued a policy letter that threatened to come down HARDER on companies who try to fend off ACTIVIST ESG PROPOSALS from shareholders. (

“In an executive order earlier this year, President Biden directed federal agencies to identify climate risks and create disclosure rules for finance.” (

This is how the Biden administration is ALSO attacking farmers. By having the SEC force ESG rules for “climate-related disclosures” onto their doorstep. Farmers aren’t happy. Congress isn’t happy. (

Unsurprisingly, people are VERY VERY against the moves made by the SEC. The general public for one.
US business leaders, another.
They don’t want this to go further. ( (…)

Some states are pushing back against ESG.
Others might be open to the idea. You know how it goes. ( (…) (

This blog post from Marlo Oaks, Treasurer of the State of Utah, was certainly eye-opening, though. Read what “Twoogle” did. (…)

IMPORTANT TO NOTE: ESG is pretty screwing over ONLY the western world. Countries like China couldn’t give a DAMN and are probably laughing at the rest of us. (

(Just to clarify: what I mean is China is their own separate marketplace sphere, really. Enough to distance themselves from most ESG nonsense.) UNLIKE EUROPE. ( (

You can look up high ESG scores by COUNTRY and not just COMPANY, which adds another layer to this discussion. (…) (

ESG in the UK . Thailand . Africa . Even Antarctica . ( ( ( (

If there’s only one tweet you take away from this ESG thread let it be: ESG has infiltrated the world markets and it has business CEOs doing politically “woke” stuff for glorified brownie points . ( (

And as @ConceptualJames has outlined: it’s not just environmental “feel goods.”
ESG is about enacting a far-left political agenda in companies . And people make SEVEN FIGURE SALARIES off of it . ( (

The ESG scam:
> Be logger
> Buy forest land
> Get paid by Tennessee to NOT cut it down
> BUT ALSO: get paid AGAIN to “sell carbon credits” to companies, too. (

^^ So it bears repeating: ESG IS A SCAM. (…)

There are (MUCH BETTER THAN MINE) thoughtful ESG critiques like this one which deeply explore the ESG hypocrisy and how it DESTROYS the concept of “free markets.” (…)

^^An easy way to rationalize why energy companies like Exxon would sabotage their bottom line is because entities like Blackrock/Vanguard own big stakes in them.

The fact that Facebook faced ESG woes because of an internal company controversy spotlights how politically vulnerable the ESG system is. (In my opinion): ESG is it’s own risk. Not an assessment of risks. (

On the one hand: even though California’s corporate board diversity requirements were WOKE on paper and good for ESG, they were declared UNCONSTITUTIONAL .
Which says a LOT about this whole scheme. (

On the other, the Harvard Law School Forum on Corporate Governance pitched RACIAL EQUITY AUDITS for the sake of ESG . (

The regulatory minefield has NOT stopped Biden’s Securities and Exchange Commission from CHARGING at least one investment adviser of misrepresentation on ESG issues. (

Even though the SEC launched investigations into Goldman Sachs on ESG funds, they’re seemingly still free to do whatever the hell they want. ] ( ( (

The Deutsche Bank had a WHISTLEBLOWER saying the firm over-embellished their ESG efforts.
Also they got RAIDED by authorities over it. ( (

In the end, people have been speaking up about ESG for a while now.
Some paid the price for it. ( ( (

What matters is: that people are still waking up and speaking up. ( (

Nowadays, ESG investors have questions about the legitimacy of this “field.”
Some outlets deflect by blaming Republicans. ( (

…. I DONT HAVE AN END FOR THIS ESG THREAD. But the perfect ending would be having me explain how the world realized that ESG is a MASSIVE mistake, and that they got rid of it. That hasn’t happened. Yet. Make it happen.


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