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If Trump doesn’t oblige them with a scandal, they’ll just invent one out of whole cloth.

Note the JournOlist style message coordination and repetition.

Article after article condemned Trump for focusing on the NFL (in tweets) instead of Puerto Rico (in tweets). Leftist after leftist also began claiming the damage in Puerto Rico would be Trump’s “Katrina,” in reference to the hurricane that devastated the Gulf Coast during President George W. Bush’s administration.The Daily Beast published an article titled “Puerto Rico has become Trump’s Katrina.” Vox writer and Gaza bridge expert Zack Beauchamp tweeted out an article from his employer and wrote that it was “hard” to read the article “without concluding that Puerto Rico is actually Trump’s Katrina.” FiveThirtyEight’s Nate Silver also noted “Some obvious parallels to Katrina here.”

As it turns out, it was the media ignoring Puerto Rico–not Trump.

PBS’s John Yang spoke to Puerto Rico Gov. Ricardo Rossello about the help he has received from the states. Rosselo immediately said he was “very grateful for the administration” and that “they have responded quickly.”

Read Ashe Schow’s article — the governor is pretty generous in his praise of the federal response.

Hillary Clinton got on the JournOlist #FakeNews Message Train, demanding that Trump send the hospital ship the Comfort to Puerto Rico — but Instapundit had a stinging rebuttal.

Fat, drunk, and Not President is no way to go through life, gram-gram.

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