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by JD Rucker

History may prove that James O’Keefe getting ousted from Project Veritas, the company that he founded, was the best thing to happen to both O’Keefe and the nation. Now with his new organization, O’Keefe Media Group (playfully dubbed “OMG”), he is already making waves while Project Veritas hemorrhages donors.
His latest investigation is looking into highly potential political contribution laundering through Democrat-affiliated donations portal Act Blue. In his first video, he followed leads to Maryland where he discovered elderly Democrat donors who seem to be oblivious to their names and addresses being used to make thousands of donations to Democrats.

The video above is the second video, this time with a citizen journalist from Wisconsin who heeded O’Keefe’s call for more people to step out and take action. A detective with Brightline Investigations for Election Watch found more elderly people in Wisconsin who appear to be the proxies through which money is being laundered to Democrat candidates and leftist causes.
In some cases, donations were made under the names and addresses of these people multiple times per day for years.
What the videos do not explain is what all this likely means. We are not part of the investigation and have not verified the information, nor do we have inside information about what’s going on. With that said, it’s very obvious. Someone located these people through public records, noting that they were donating through Act Blue multiple times. One lady said she donated around once per month. Another gentleman said he may have donated 800 times over the last seven years. FEC records indicate he donated 8,000 times.
A group of people is coordinating to make difficult-to-track small donations in the names of these elderly people. They use anonymous forms of payment such as Visa gift cards, plug in the names and addresses of the elderly people who are likely not checking the FEC records regularly if at all, and spreading these donations out to multiple candidates and organizations.
The question that will be challenging to answer is who is behind it. We know it’s a wealthy group that is expanding well beyond donation limits without diving into dark money. It seems possible if not likely that the money is foreign; going through the small donation process and laundering it through unsuspecting elderly people at this magnitude requires a serious desire for anonymity and a who lot of money.
The key to stopping this will be changing donation laws to require better validation. Organizations like Act Blue do the bare minimum record-keeping required by the FEC. Donations should be verified when they reach a certain threshold; there is no way our government should see someone averaging four donations per day for seven years without an alarm bell going off. The payment methods should be confirmed after a certain  point.

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