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By J. Robert Smith

Saturday at Newsmax, General Michael Flynn said this about the Democrats perpetrating elections fraud on an unprecedented scale:

“Right now, we are at risk,” Flynn added. “This is going to place this country at risk, if we get this wrong.”

Then Flynn stated:

“This is bigger than the presidency,” Flynn said. “I’ll say this is bigger than Donald Trump. This is bigger than Vice President [Joe] Biden. This is much bigger. This is the presidency of the United States of America. It’s the Constitution of the United States of America. It’s a process we’ve had for almost 250 years.”

Need we say the franchise is indispensable to our republic?  Elections fraud isn’t new, but never in the nation’s history has this basic right been so comprehensively assaulted, so jeopardized.  The Civil War was an attempt to split the nation, not deprive Union states’ citizens of their constitutional rights.  We’re on new and very dangerous turf.

At Twitter this past Sunday, I asked this question: “If Democrats’ massive ballot fraud is allowed to stand, why would any honest American ever vote again?”

If the cabal that Biden fronts gets away with stealing the 2020 presidential elections in blue states — Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Nevada — and in purple states, Georgia and Arizona, what’s the message to 71 million Trump voters — and voters generally?  Your ballots don’t matter.  Democrats, the left, moneyed interests, and Deep State players will conspire to hijack future elections at will to serve their venal ends.  It’s banana republic at warp speeds.  What self-respecting, liberty-loving American would participate in such sinister charades?

If this collection of rogues was willing to fix this year’s elections, what or who prevents them from rigging the 2022 midterms?  Donald Trump, that’s who, having conquered this colossal election fraud and with the power of the presidency behind him.

Our republic hangs on Trump campaign litigation in federal courts.  The president is backed into a corner, but fighting the odds and winning has been his story.  Trump is a man of inspired tenacity.  His inner circle — think Rudy Giuliani, Rick Grenell, Donald Jr. — are cut from the same cloth.  The fight is on, and the president will exhaust every legal avenue to thwart the destruction of free and fair elections.

We’re facing the greatest challenge to our liberty in our nation’s history, bar none.  Domestic threats are far more treacherous than external ones.  In one sense, the stakes are so much bigger than Trump securing a second term.  But in another sense, the president’s reelection is bound up with the nation’s very survival as a free country.

A Biden presidency would not only seal the fate of honest elections, but usher in a supremacist coalition of leftists, oligarchs, and Democrat hacks.  They’d leverage the Biden administration to the max, ramming through policies and executive orders designed to destroy the president’s good works.  As a start, mull these two words: “open borders.”

Understand, the Biden crowd doesn’t play between the lines.  If the Biden cabal is willing to brazenly steal the presidential elections, they’d have no compunction about circumventing the system to ruthlessly press their agenda.  They’re stone-cold serious about killing America (i.e., unmooring it from the Revolution and founding principles and putting the U.S. on track to be a PRC clone).  The rule of law is merely an obstacle to go over, under, around, and through.

A Republican Senate — which hinges on the Georgia runoffs — wouldn’t be the slam-dunk firewall that many conservatives assume.  The Senate GOP caucus has more than its share of establishment players ready to — repeat after me — “reach across the aisle to work with Democrats because that’s what Americans expect.”  Why wouldn’t we hear that saccharine mantra from Mitt Romney, Lisa Murkowski, and Susan Collins, at least?  And if the Senate is split 51-49 or even 52-48, those three loose cannons would suffice in helping Democrats upend the country.

While Republicans will gain seats in the U.S. House, they’ll fall short of a majority.  Nancy Pelosi — or whoever the Democrats pick as speaker — will run that body with an iron fist.  Democrats just don’t work across the aisle anymore (though, as mentioned, too many Republicans are brainlessly eager to do so).  The Democrat caucus would act with sharklike focus pushing game-changing measures over to the Senate.

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