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and joined in the next politico-media operation to get yet another investigation going.

Does everyone realize that Trump has had a Special Counsel investigation on him for two and a half years, then just a month of relative peace before Schiff and Nadler started the Fake Impeachment investigation?

And now they’re trying to get another Special Counsel investigation. If/when that is refused, they’ll use that as a pretext to open another Fake Impeachment Inquiry.

They are literally attempting to make it so that Trump spends virtually every month of his first four year term — and then every month of his second four year term — under vaguely-defined free-ranging criminal investigation.

They are rewriting the Constitution so that President Trump — and I guess any other future president who upsets the Deep State — will have a Permanent Court of Inquisition on eternal fishing expeditions open at all times.

I hope Bill Barr reviews Janet Reno’s explanation as to why she needed no Special Counsel to investigate allegations involving she herself.

She decided that she was impartial enough to decide that no further investigation into her decisions was warranted.

The mere assertions Clinton or Vice President Gore were “involved” in soliciting or receiving possibly improper donations, or contributors met with the president and benefited from government decisions, “fall far short of the sort of specific facts” necessary to trigger appointment of an independent counsel, Richard wrote.”

To the extent that there are allegations that may warrant criminal investigation at this time, they relate only to lower-ranking public officials, DNC employees and contributors,” the letter said.

“Mere assertions.” Remember those words.

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And Whadda ya know?

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