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By streiff

On Friday, the Biden-Harris campaign bus, known as the “Pudding and Sweet Cheeks Express,” was on the road from San Antonio to Austin. This is part of the head fake that the Democrats to every other year to give their supporters spank material, it’s called “we’re turning Texas Blue.” This is a fundraising gambit, not a serious political strategy and this year the Democrats and their willing stenographers in the press are trying to convince the credulous that Texas is in play.

As the Pudding and Sweet Cheeks Express approached Austin they were met by a welcoming committee. I’m not sure who this intense, high strung little fellow is–the Rolling Stone ensures me he’s something other than a historian with a penchant for sexual perversion, which, admittedly, doesn’t narrow the waterfront down a whole lot–but he characterized free people acting freely as an “ambush:”

Keep these tweets in mind as we go forward, we’ll come back to them in a minute.

The trucks surrounded the Biden bus and carried out a peaceful protest by erecting a protective barrier behind which Joe Biden could nap in comfort and Kamala Harris could search for her next “mentor.”

This is what it looked like.

And President Trump applauded the effort.

There was a single incident. A white vehicle belonging to some Biden supporter attempted to force its way into another lane and a much larger Trump truck refused to give ground (video cued for your convenience):

The black Trump truck is already in the far right lane when the white truck recklessly attempts to force it onto the shoulder of the road.

This video shows that the Biden bus was weaving in a threatening manner towards vehicles that were not impeding it.

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