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Daily Mail:

This heart-stopping footage shows a Texas cop’s brush with death as a suspect appears to surrender – then pulls a gun and fired four shots at him.

A split-second firefight then erupts, in which Andra Gibson, an officer with the police department of Hedwig Village, near Houston, downs Emilio Solis with a series of fatal gunshots.

Despite Solis letting off the first shots, and even brushing the officer’s uniform, Officer Gibson was left unharmed in the deadly exchange this summer.

Hedwig Village police released footage of the incident this week, which shows the 17-shot gunfight between Gibson and Solis, who had been stopped after a car chase, according to Fox 26.

The footage shows Solis fire several shots towards the patrol car dash cam. Three embedded themselves in the windshield.
Another tore through the leg of Officer Gibson’s pants, but did not make contact with his body.

Officer Gibson then returned fire, at which point Solis collapsed to the ground. A backup car quickly arrives, and the lights illuminate Solis laying on the ground not far from his vehicle.

He later died on the way to hospital.

The policeman had first tired to pull Solis over for making an illegal turn, but the routine stop escalated into a chase.

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