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by Don Surber

Congratulations, Democrats. You have demolished America’s cities and with that demolition, you crippled a civilized nation.

Rupert Murdoch’s Wall Street Journal reported,

“Wall Street Sours on America’s Downtowns.”

Osama bin Laden destroyed skyscrapers with airliners turned into missiles. Democrats do better by making sure they never are built.

Rupert’s Journal reported,

“The pessimism from investors who bet on office buildings and mass transit can be seen in market signals that are flashing red.”

To be sure, the idiocy of the pandemic panic — given the >99% survival rate, there was no covid pandemic — cut the need for office space as office workers now work from home. It saves on commutes for workers and the expense of offices for companies.

Rupert’s Journal said,

“Investors’ dimming view of downtowns isn’t good news for cities’ finances, nor for their residents. It puts under strain some of city governments’ traditional ways of extracting wealth: collecting property taxes on office buildings, taxes on wages earned within city limits, and fares from office workers’ commutes.

“Residents of some cities are bracing for austerity. Many New York library branches expect to close an additional day each week under cuts proposed as the city faces rising labor costs and budget gaps projected to reach $7 billion in 2027. From New York to Chicago to San Francisco, residents and visitors complain about empty downtown streets and transit stops that have become way stations for the mentally ill and homeless.”

Oh no. Libraries closed during the week. How will groomers get kids to read Queer Gender and other child pornography? Oh yes, schools. I forgot about them. And yes, I blame librarians because the American Library Association made Queer Gender one of its children’s books of the year.

But grooming strays from the real problem for City Halls, which is losing all that tax revenue from suburbanites. From real estate taxes to city income taxes, municipal government in New York is about to collapse. Democrats will push for a federal bailout with billions of dollars, which increasingly seem as solid as their Zimbabwean counterparts.

Rupert’s Journal left out the main reason cities are dying. Crime. Democrats in 2020 declared an open season for riots, which destroyed large sections of Portland, Seattle and other liberal citadels.

Democrats adopted BLM — a black supremacist organization — as its summer-long pet. BLM extorted millions from corporations. Fortunately, the money went into the pockets of the BLM organizers and not into the election of more outright communists as mayors and DAs.

The New York Times cheered on July 9, 2020,

“N.Y.C. Paints ‘Black Lives Matter’ in Front of Trump Tower. The public art project is the latest battle in a feud between President Trump and Mayor Bill de Blasio.”

Democrats sent an invitation to criminals who RSVP’d with the looting of stores, carjackings, and the sucker-punching of little old ladies.

A Democrat jury convicted a cop in Minneapolis of murder when a drug addict died of an overdose in police custody. If you can say “I can’t breathe,” you are breathing.

The New York Times whined on February 13, 2023,

“As Subway Ridership Rebounds, Some Women Are Reluctant to Return.

“Long wary on public transit, women who found other ways to get around New York during the pandemic could prove hard for the M.T.A. to win back.”

Women don’t like being sucker-punched. How racist!

Three months later, Reuters reported,

“A fierce debate among New Yorkers over whether a former U.S. Marine was justified in choking an agitated homeless man to death on a subway car last week has renewed focus on a perennial question: Just how bad is crime in the nation’s biggest city?

“Following the killing, many city residents have said they feel threatened by homeless and mentally ill people in the transit system. That population surged during the pandemic as New Yorkers with homes avoided the subway, and those with no place to live sought refuge outside the confines of shelters.”

Protecting passengers from psychopaths is a crime in New York, where City Hall insists residents must tolerate homeless drug addicts and deranged people. Every Democrat-run city seems to do so as vagrants now have more rights than citizens and illegal aliens have even more rights.

This is no exaggeration. In San Francisco, the city allows the bums to poop in the street — and then fines shop owners for not cleaning up the mess.

Cities in California and elsewhere have made shoplifting a right — reparations, if you will. This is designed to rid cities of shopping districts. Democrats would rather rule in hell than rule in heaven. (They never serve anywhere.) And so they turn cities into Hades.

The loss of shopping districts leads to the loss of more office workers who have no place to eat lunch. Closing shops hurts the middle class, which Democrats abandoned beginning with the Johnson administration. I leave it to readers to decide which Johnson administration I mean.

Rudy Giuliani and Donald Trump saved New York City, which explains Democrat anger toward both men. Trump built in midtown Manhattan. Giuliani reined in crime and cleaned Times Square of its porn shops.

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