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America Rising PAC:

Described by leading news outlets as “Hillary’s shadow,” Huma Abedin has been a ubiquitous presence in Hillary Clinton’s orbit for nearly two decades. Abedin is Clinton’s longest-serving aide, dating back to the mid 1990s and her tenure as First Lady. During Secretary Clinton’s time at State, Abedin simultaneously held high-level positions at the State Department, the Clinton Foundation, and Teneo, a private consulting firm with close Clinton ties. Abedin now operates at the heart of the Clinton operation, serving as her campaign Vice Chair.

Like her boss, Abedin is no stranger to controversy, and has repeatedly found herself embroiled in the same types of ethical quagmires that are now jeopardizing Secretary Clinton’s presidential ambitions. However, much like Secretary Clinton’s ever-expanding email scandal, the controversies surrounding Abedin are complex, murky and can be difficult to explain. That is exactly what Secretary Clinton, Abedin, and the Clinton campaign are counting on.

Accordingly, America Rising PAC has compiled and is now for the first time releasing publicly: “The Complete Huma Abedin Report: A Detailed History Of The Figure At The Heart Of Hillary Clinton’s Operation.” The research dossier documents Abedin’s rapid rise through the ranks of Clinton world, and examines in detail many of the controversies that have contributed to the darkening ethical cloud surrounding both Abedin and Secretary Clinton, including:

• Her role in the private email scandal that has roiled the Clinton campaign for more than six months and threatens to derail the once-inevitable candidacy. Abedin was one of only a handful of people to possess a “coveted” Clintonemail. com address, and sent, received or was copied on numerous work-related emails on Clinton’s private server, including multiple emails containing classified information. In the tranche of emails released by the State Department on August 31st, NBC News described the “most damning” message as one sent from Abedin to Clinton informing her that even the IT Department at the State Department was unaware of her private email server, and the September 30th release established that Abedin had direct access to Clinton’s email account;

• Lingering questions about Abedin’s controversial “Special Government Employee” status that has forced the Clinton campaign to repeatedly address the conflict of interest-ridden arrangement that allowed Abedin to work for entities with vested interests in State Department business while simultaneously holding a senior position at State;

• How Abedin’s arrangement resulted in her drawing a paycheck from four separate Clinton-connected entities at the same time: the State Department, Teneo, the Clinton Foundation, and Hillary Clinton’s personal funds as her private aide. Only the salary information for the first two of these four positions is public information, and records indicate those entities alone paid Abedin at least $490,000 annually;

• Abedin’s role as a key member of the approval process for Bill Clinton’s public speaking schedule during Hillary Clinton’s tenure at State. In one especially controversial example, ABC News discovered that Abedin, along with then-State Department Chief of Staff Cheryl Mills, was copied on an email from the Clinton Foundation seeking approval from State to deliver a paid speech “related to two of the most repressive countries in the world — North Korea and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.” The episode, which would have paid President Clinton $650,000, illustrates the overlapping webs and potential conflicts of interest within Clinton world, and Abedin’s role at the middle of it all. The Washington Post recently took an indepth look at “the unique position that Abedin occupied at the apex of the Clintons’ public and private worlds”;

• The curious timing of Abedin’s decision to form a private LLC, called Zain Endeavors, 11 days before stepping down as Clinton’s deputy chief of staff at Foggy Bottom and before she began accepting private sector clients. The LLC is an issue that the State Department, Clinton campaign, and their lawyers have all refused to address;

• The formal and ongoing investigation of embezzlement by the Inspector General into potential criminal conduct over allegations that Abedin improperly accepted nearly $10,000 of taxpayer money for unused sick time;

• How Abedin’s “influence reached a new level” in her current role as Vice Chair of Secretary Clinton’s 2016 campaign. At $277,052.36 per year, Abedin is the campaign’s highest compensated employee and was responsible for interviewing prospective senior staff. She has a staff of 30 employees who report directly to her and frequently travels with Clinton on the trail, as well as standing in for her as a surrogate at campaign events.

As CNN observed, “outside of the immediate family, there may be no one closer to Hillary Clinton than Huma Abedin.” Given their long history, close relationship, and emerging interconnected scandals, it is increasingly clear that Abedin’s ethics and conduct are extremely relevant to understanding the ethics and conduct of Secretary Clinton, and that many of Abedin’s ethical controversies directly involve Secretary Clinton.

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