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Thread via Glenn Greenwald

Good morning. The Clinton campaign fabricated a completely false story about Trump having a secret server with a Russian bank. The 2 servile partisan “reporters” who most pushed it — @FranklinFoer and @NatashaBertrand — have been repeatedly promoted. 

This has long been known but the proof is emerging now because Hillary’s lawyer is on trial for lying to FBI – ie, they not only planted this disinformation with the press but also with FBI. Hillary’s campaign manager, Robby Mook, says Hillary personally approved the press leak. To see who the real liars are – who the actual disinformation agents are – watch @chrislhayes nod his DNC head as the two lying reporters who spread the story and got rewarded — Bertrand and Foer — pronounce that this Trump/Alfa fraud has been proven:

Hillary’s campaign not only used the media and FBI to spread this lie (FBI investigated and quickly determined it was bullshit), but Hillary herself used Twitter to spread this disinformation in a viral tweet which (of course) remains up with no label:

Look at these 3 lying DNC disinformation agents masquerading as journalists, all smirking as they deliberately pronounce an absolute lie invented by the Clinton campaign is “very, very obviously” true.
These same people, of course, endorsed the CIA lie about the Biden laptop:

As we demonstrated in the “Typhoid Mary of Disinformation” video we produced this week, the cable host at the heart of every DNC/CIA lie is @NicolleDWallace. But the “journalist” most used to launder them is @NatashaBertrand. She originates every lie: (…)

Since 2016, nobody has been more rewarded for eagerly serving as a vector of CIA/DNC disinformation than Bertrand. She started at @BusinessInsider (where she pushed Alfa Bank), then promoted to @MSNBC, then to @TheAtlantic, then @politico, now at @CNN.
Lying is their currency.

Maybe it’s naiveté, but I just can’t believe that the media outlets that spread all these lies — especially the CIA lie about Hunter Biden’s laptop being “Russian disinformation,” which even NYT/WP/NBC now say is false — just refuse to acknowledge this let alone retract it.




As bad and corrupted as large media corporations have been, they always knew they had to at least acknowledge and account for their huge errors and falsehoods. The NYT published a lengthy Editors’ Note explaining what happened with their WMD lies.

But now, when major news outlets spread outright lies — not just one day, but repeatedly affirming them — they just stay silent and pretend it never happened when the proof emerges they lied.
Not one outlet that endorsed this pre-election CIA lie has acknowledged this proof.



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