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While I have come up with a few nicknames for the empty vessel who is currently occupying the Oval Office, my two favorites were coined by my friend and colleague Stephen Green. The “asterisk president” and “Presidentish Biden” are not only amusing, but dead-on accurate as well. Joe Biden doesn’t deserve the office he currently holds. Heck, he didn’t really deserve to be a member of the United States Senate for 786 years. He lived in Delaware, though, which has about fourteen people. It’s easy to get elected in a state like that.
By the way, I’m a big fan of combining those tiny, useless northeastern states into one. Then they could experience being a grownup state and we’d also improve the country by reducing the number of idiot Dems in the Senate.
During his masked fetish party speech the other night, our national embarrassment never really got around to the border crisis that he’s created. I’m fully aware that liberals in America don’t care about border issues, especially those who live far, far away from Mexico. I live 60 miles from the Mexican border though, so it’s kind of a big deal here.
Such a big deal that even our new commie Democratic senator is unhappy with Grandpa Gropes.

Mark Kelly is a reliable ally of President Joe Biden. Except when it comes to the border.


The Arizona Democratic senator sounded a rare note of criticism after Biden’s Wednesday night address to Congress, asking the president for more federal resources at the border and calling the influx of migrants coming into his state a “crisis” — language that Biden’s White House is resisting. In his characteristically low-key way, Kelly didn’t back down Thursday from his knock on Biden for omitting a detailed plan for the border and his vow to “continue holding this administration accountable.”

I mean, when you’re a Democrat and you’ve lost Mark Kelly, things aren’t going well.

Our cop-hating alleged leader is not a favorite with law enforcement people who are dealing with the problem that he’s created. My Townhall colleague Julio Rosas has the story:

Sheriffs who serve counties at the U.S.-Mexico border and within the United States had sharp criticisms for President Joe Biden’s lack of any real mention of the ongoing border crisis during his address to the joint session of Congress on Wednesday.
Pinal County Sheriff Mark Lamb told Fox News host Harris Faulkner that the crisis Biden’s administration caused has taken a huge toll on local community members who live by the border.
“I’m 70 miles out from the border. They can’t even leave their kids to watch the younger kids because people coming into their carport, trying to open their doors. This is a dangerous situation…We hear the people’s voices and we’ll do our job. They didn’t hear what they needed to hear last night from the President. We expected to hear more. We didn’t get that from him and that shows you this president doesn’t care about what is happening here. But the sheriffs do and we’re going continue to stand up for the people and for America,” Lamb said.
Cochise County Sheriff Mark Dannels pointed to how the morale among Border Patrol and other law enforcement agencies has taken a hit because the Biden administration has tied their hands from being able to do their job.

The Democrats have been telling lies about illegal immigration for so long that I think they may all actually believe their own B.S. now. In their telling of the story, only plucky immigrants who want to make a better life for themselves and their families sneak in from Mexico. They pretend that the Sinaloa cartel and MS-13 don’t exist. They’re creating policy based on a fairy tale that in reality is a nightmare.
Once more, with feeling:

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