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Everyone knows that note-to-self CYA emails you write at the direction of a lawyer, weeks after the event allegedly being memorialized, is the Gold Standard as regards candor and truthfulness.


But wait, you should ignore that, because partisan Democrat operatives Bill Kristol and Literal Nothing Tim Miller declare that Obamagate is a “conspiracy theory” and that the email Rice admits she was directed to write by Obama’s in-house shyster proves that everything was in fact done “by the book.”

So wait: If it’s an improper, illegal act for government agencies to investigate someone’s poltiical rivals…

Wasn’t the entire Russiagate hoax investigation improper and illegal?

It’s not? Oh, that weaponization of the IC and FBI against a political opponent was just and proper, because Drumpf because Different Rules for Democrats.

Quod licet Iovi, non licet bovi strikes again.

These people are literally taking money from the same Democrat Deep-Pocket Donor class that fills the coffers of the DNC.

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