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Maybe we’re old fashioned, but this doesn’t look anything like any sort of block party we’ve ever seen or been to before.

This video tells us everything we need to know about CHAZ-ISTAN and how backward these people really are. Now, we can’t say for sure it’s a white man calling a black man with the American flag a ‘race traitor’ but looking at the group it certainly appears to be ‘less than’ diverse. Looks like a bunch of skinny white dudes …


Ooh, imperialist ‘b*tch’ was classy as well.

And really? Carrying an American flag makes him a race traitor?

We are dealing with some exceptionally stupid people here.

You know the face you make when some jacka*s parks at the MIDDLE PUMP at the gas station and you have to either drive around or try and back in? Yup, just made that face.

We’ve seen this before. Yup.

Guess so.

Visit lovely CHAZ where you’ll be subjected to fascism and body odor unlike anything you’ve ever witnessed before! YAY!

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