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by Ace

There is no correlation between mask mandates and covid spread — or, perhaps, there is, but one opposite than the one intended.

States with mask mandates are seeing covid rates increase while several states without mask mandates are seeing covid rates plummet.



But, like AllahPundit at the “conservative” Hot Air says (approvingly), this isn’t about “correlations” between infringements of liberty and health, this is about “signaling” and “sending a message” that covid is still around.

If you compare the list of states where mask mandates have been lifted to the Times’s list of states where cases are high, you don’t find any obvious correlation.But for Biden, this isn’t about correlations.

It’s about signaling to people that it’s still too soon to let down their guards. Rochelle Walensky made that point as well this morning in an oddly personal way and now here’s Biden openly pleading with governors to change their policies. The message in both cases is the same: We’re not out of the woods yet, even if it feels in some parts of the country like we are.

So many NeverTrump “anti-authoritarians” now support the wholescale repeal of American liberty for laughably-weak reasons such as “sending a message” about complacency.

So, that’s the “conservatarian” position now, eh? That the government can take away your liberty to send a fucking message?

If it’s now constitutional to impose restrictions on the general population merely to send a message, then there’s really no liberty left in America, is there?

We’re seeing a lot of this with the alleged “libertarians” who are closely aligned with the establishment ruling class. Turns out that the Ruling Class Libertarians are a lot more pro-Ruling Class than pro-liberty.

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