Posted by Curt on 13 November, 2022 at 8:24 am. 17 comments already!


Thread via Ned Ryun

Everyone needs to stop bitching about Trump vs DeSantis in 2024, or candidate quality or anything else. None of that matters. The Thing, the only Thing, that matters between now and 2024 is figuring out how we create our own early voting/ballot harvesting machine. Because. . .
Literally, you could run a perfect candidate, which doesn’t exist BTW, and never win MI, PA, MN, probably WI, maybe not GA, unless we figure out how to ballot harvest. Sorry. Those are the rules moving forward. You can howl at the moon about it all or you can accept reality.
And if we don’t figure this out we might as well accept we are looking at one party rule in this country.

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