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Piers Morgan:


There’s the popular global narrative for you after just ten days of Donald Trump’s tenure as President of the United States of America.

Indeed, such is his monstrosity status, there is currently a petition in Britain to have him banned from receiving a state visit as a guest of The Queen that has so far been signed by nearly two million people.

This follows the huge marches around the US and UK in response to Trump’s ill-conceived and poorly executed temporary ‘travel ban’ on immigrants and refugees from seven terror-strewn predominantly Muslim countries.

Protestors, led by incensed celebrities and politicians on both sides of the Atlantic, have been competing to see who can be most abusive about the President.

Many of them, ironically, deploying the very same coarse misogynist rhetoric they cite as one of their main reasons to hate him.

For example, there’s one video that’s gone viral of a large rally in Brighton, on the UK’s south coast, where thousands of people simply chant ‘Donald Trump, you’re a c**t!’ at the top of their voices.

This just about sums up the ridiculous Trump-bashing hysteria that has enveloped the world since his inauguration.

People are literally losing their minds over the mere thought of him sitting in the Oval Office.

A mental faculty failure that is driven, I fear, by sore loser syndrome.

The protestors wanted, and expected, Hillary Clinton to sweep this ghastly man to crushing defeat in the election two months ago and become the first female president.

When it didn’t happen, mainly because Hillary was a terrible candidate who fought a terrible campaign, they were collectively struck down by Post Trump Success Disorder.

This is an awful affliction that causes victims to lose the power of calm, rational thought and instead resort to uncontrollable, unrelenting outbursts of shrieking, screaming, wailing and teeth-gnashing.

Every single thing President Trump now does, says or tweets or is greeted by instant paralysis of perspective.

He is, and must remain, a ‘MONSTER!’

There’s just one problem: the majority of people don’t seem to actually agree with this assessment.

In fact, the more the angry, puce-faced, self-righteous, snowflake, marching, millennial mob try to force through their view, the less inclined ordinary voters seem to be to swallow it.

A Reuters poll last night revealed that 49% of Americans support Trump’s travel ban, as opposed to 41% who are against it.

And in the UK, a YouGov poll today revealed 49% of Britons are in favour of President Trump’s state visit going ahead, compared to just 36% who are against it.

So despite all the howling, marches, social media onslaughts and foul-mouthed chants, more people in America and Britain appear to be behind Trump than against him.

And as we saw with the US election and Brexit, these polls are probably understating that support.

Perhaps the reason for this is that the further away you get from the hysterical liberal elite conclaves of places like New York, Los Angeles and London, the more calmer common sense prevails.

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