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So John Bolton is a good guy now. To anyone in Hollywood who even knew his name, Bolton was a dangerous war-mongering jingoist just yesterday. But the merest hint that something in his new book might lend a little iron to the Democrats’ anemic impeachment attempt has Tinsel Town lefties tweeting like Bolton fan-boys.

An unverified, hearsay New York Times anecdote taken from an excerpt of John Bolton’s unpublished book “The Room Where It Happened” has Bolton claiming that Trump told him there was a Quid Pro Quo with Ukraine. And it surfaces just as Democrats and the media ratchet up pressure on GOP senators to call the witnesses (especially Bolton) House Democrats couldn’t be bothered to call themselves.

The book isn’t due out for a couple of months, so the only way to verify the truth of the rumor is to ask Bolton. While he’s under oath. On the Senate floor.

Liberal sycophants, including the usual Hollywood crowd, ate it up like this was, sigh, the final nail in the coffin … again. If you want a nice indicator of how many times they’ve “had” the goods on Trump, look through about 10,000 Rob Reiner tweets.

Michael Moore backed away from the pizza long enough to tweet, “As I’ve said for over a month, the key to any chance of removing Trump is John Bolton. Last night the NYTimes ran a bombshell story.” Of course it sounds good, it promises you everything you want to hear, but as The Washington Examiner’s Byron York noted, “Articles about Bolton’s book have not quoted a word from it.”

There’s no evidence for anything yet, but still Moore tweeted, “Bolton has written that Trump told him he’s denying Ukraine its aid til they announce they’re investigating the Bidens. BOOM. Demand Bolton testify.” Maybe we should see the book first.

Bernie Bro actor Mark Ruffalo went the direct route, tweeting at supposedly wishy-washy GOP senators, “@MittRomney, @lisamurkowski, Susan Collins, & Lemar Alexander how much more do you need to see? Does it occur to you this is becoming a cover up designed to dupe the American public?”

Oh gosh. Another leaked book claim. Remember when Omarosa and Michael Wolf single handedly destroyed Trump with their respective book deals? Me neither.

Comedian Michael Ian Black responded to Trump’s tweet calling the Bolton claim a ploy to sell books, writing, “Seems like the best way to resolve this would be to have you both testify under oath.” Now celebs take the least serious thing Bolton has ever said (if he said it) and turn it into something major.

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