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The Democrats were desperate to change the news cycle.

Nancy Pelosi was getting hammered for trying to destroy a small American business after she was busted not wearing a mask while getting her hair done inside a San Fransisco hair salon, and then she tried to blame the salon and all hell broke loose.

In addition, Joe Biden’s trip to Kenosha was a mess. We discovered that his staff feeds people “pre-written” questions to ask Joe, and during the meeting to discuss “gun violence” Joe made an inappropriate joke about his staff “shooting” him if brought up the topic of taxes.

This poor man is just a bungling doofus.

You can watch the video below:

So, Dems needed a break. They needed a change in the news cycle, and a distraction from all their failures lately, including funding and then ignoring the leftist riots that have been raging all over the country for over 3 months now.

And let’s not forget the amazing jobs report that just came out – Dems knew this was coming as well, and they don’t want Americans to see the “great comeback” happening.

The Democrats are in a pickle, and when they’re in a jam and need to “change-up” the news cycle, all they have to do is turn to their buddies in the media and drop a stupid “anonymous source” hit piece.

This latest hit-piece is especially sick and twisted. It was written for the uber-liberal “Atlantic” and claims that President Trump skipped a visit to an American military cemetery in France because the dead soldiers were “losers.”

I mean, this is just absolute desperation at its lowest form.

But the hit piece, which cites “multiple anonymous sources” is already getting shredded.

Jordan Karem, who was one of Trump’s most trusted and loyal aides, was with President Trump during that trip overseas a couple of years back.

Karem responded to the hit piece and said he was by President Trump’s side the entire day and he set the record straight by saying POTUS was very disappointed he couldn’t fly to the cemetery.

Karem said the story is 100% false.

Here’s what he said: 

In addition to that, here the most damning hit to the phony Atlantic piece…It’s the “smoking gun,” if you will…

The “4 anonymous” sources claim that the helicopter flight to the military cemetery was not canceled due to “bad weather.” They say Trump canceled it because he didn’t want to go visit “losers.”

Okay, that’s the entire premise of the story, right?

Well…here’s where their story falls apart like a cheap suit…

A previous FOIA request on that exact trip proves that the flight was actually canceled due to “bad weather.”

Yes, that’s right – an email proves the flight was canceled due to the weather…not Trump saying ‘dead soldiers are losers.’ It was bad weather.

Twitter superstar and investigative citizen reporter “TechnoFrog” broke the news in a tweet and provided proof…he shared the actual emails from the “weather” team calling off the flight to the cemetery.

Literally hardcore proof that it was canceled due to weather.


The entire story has been proven to be 100% complete garbage.

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