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by Bonchie

The scandal surrounding Joe Biden’s illegal possession of classified information is deepening considerably. As RedState reported on Wednesday, a second batch of classified documents, taken by Biden, was discovered. Now, we know where they were discovered at.
According to the president’s special counsel, the documents were “found” at Biden’s family home in Willmington, DE. Some were found in a garage storage space while at least one other classified document was found in an adjacent room.

Keep in mind that we are having to take the word of Biden’s own subservient because the FBI has not actually raided any of the president’s properties the way they did Mar-a-Lago. That means the White House continues to have near complete control of the narrative, able to claim they just “found” these documents without offering a real explanation of how they got there.
Still, it is a big deal that these were found at Biden’s home. It’s one thing to claim that a few classified documents got accidentally swept into a box and put at a business office. It’s another to have classified documents spread out within Biden’s personal home, and it belabors belief that they could have gotten there by accident and without the president’s knowledge.
In fact, it sure seems as if Biden took these classified documents for the same reason Donald Trump took the ones he did. Namely, that he liked them. Why else would they be at his house? And while Trump has the legal argument that he had declassification authority, Biden did not have that while leaving the vice presidency in 2016, when these documents were taken. While the press constantly points out the “differences” between the two situations, that seems like a rather relevant one.
As a political observer, all of this is way too convenient at this point.

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