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Left-wing insurgents riding the racial unrest resulting from the death of George Floyd at the hands of a Minneapolis Police Department Officer have created a six-block “cop-free” zone in Seattle’s downtown, which they are governing as an autonomous area following the withdrawal of law enforcement.

Seattle police seemingly abandoned and boarded up the East Precinct Building on Monday night, making room for the crowd of agitators to put up barricades as a border for what they are calling the “Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone.” Some of the barricades bear phrases such as “You are now leaving the USA,” “Welcome to Free Cap Hill,” and “No Cops Allowed.”

Some posts on social media by individuals allegedly involved appeared to show that the rioters are even soliciting those within the “cop-free zone” who own firearms to serve as armed guards to prevent police from entering.

On Tuesday night, hundreds of the individuals involved with the unrest stormed Seattle’s City Hall to demand that Mayor Jenny Durkan either defund the city’s police department or resign.

At the site of the protest, District 3 representative and longtime Durkan critic Kshama Sawant declared, “What we are seeing now is an uprising. A rebellion of young people. Not just nationwide but globally.”

Making her case for the mayor’s removal, Sawant said,

Two years ago, there was a police contract up for the vote. It was a bad contract. It was a racist contract. It was going to roll back the limited accountability measures that were hard fought for by community members. And the community spoke with one voice and pleaded — pleaded — with Mayor Durkan and the City Council, “Please vote no.” What do you think happened?

I was the only “no” vote on that contract. We have to remember that what built the movement is not people who are in power that may look like you or me. But it is people who have shown through their actions that they are in solidarity with ordinary people in marginalized communities.

Capitol Hill Seattle Blog reported, “Citywide representative Teresa Mosqueda, who attended Saturday night’s demonstration on Capitol Hill with other elected officials, joined Sawant in this call Monday, saying that Durkan should ‘ask herself if she’s the right leader and resign.’”

Durkan’s office responded that she remains committed to making “actual steps on policing” and other reform measures.

“As the person who originally investigated the Seattle Police Department for the unconstitutional use of force, Mayor Durkan believes that SPD can lead the nation on continued reforms and accountability, but knows this week has eroded trust at a time when trust is most crucial,” Durkan’s statement read.

The mayor banned the use of tear gas by police on Friday, but activists say the move is far from enough.

While Seattle police say they are still responding to 911 calls, the department has virtually abandoned the area after more than a week of clashes with rioters, during which authorities used blast balls, pepper spray, tear gas, and flash bangs to counter the glass bottles, rocks, and “explosives” hurled at them from the crowd.

Police Chief Carmen Best said her officers would take a different approach to law enforcement going forward.

The happenings in Seattle reveal the true nature and ends of the Marxist riots taking place under the guise of “racial equality.” They have nothing to do with George Floyd and everything to do with destroying the existing social order.

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