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Yesterday, more than a million unhinged, screaming children walked out of their schools to protest weather. You read that correctly. Inspired by the cult of “climate change” and in search of the ultimate “wokeness” – and with the encouragement of their schools – manic children were on the loose, screeching about impending doom and blaming it on their parents.

Before realizing that no one likes him and ending his sad little Presidential bid, in which he was less popular than toe fungus, New York Mayor Bill DeBlasio deeply drank of the “climate change” Kool Aid and warned of impending catastrophe in an attempt to further fuel the irrational histrionics of the first-world kiddies (many of whom likely hopped in their mommy’s gas-guzzling SUV and demanded to be taken to the mall). Because liberals can’t win unless there’s some kind of imminent doom they promise to solve with other people’s money.

In this case, the Climate Change Cultists scared the crap out of the nation’s children, prompting them to skip school with impunity to demand change.

What change?

No one knows. These screaming brats have no policy suggestions beyond what’s fed to them by imbeciles on Twitter and opportunistic politicians hoping to cash in on their fear.

“We won’t have children until there is action on climate change!” they scream.

Is that a threat or a promise? Stupid people should stop reproducing and polluting the gene pool with more stupid people.

Do we want a cleaner planet? Sure.

Do we want to ensure that future generations aren’t living in filth, that the air we breathe is fresh and clean? Of course!

But to claim that we’re all going to die because the temperature may rise a few degrees in the next 100 years, and to scream and yell that it’s somehow our parents’ fault without putting forth any viable policy proposals is purview of spoiled brats who simply want attention and to skip school for a day.

I’m ready to give up my plastic straws and 90 percent of my salary because I’m inspired by this screeching clownshoe! Aren’t you?

These kids are carrying signs, they’re screaming, and they’re complaining. They are throwing public tantrums. You know what they’re not doing? They’re not advancing policy proposals beyond “WE MUST DO SOMETHING!”

And that’s the biggest problem with these protests. Beyond parroting talking points from morons like Occasional-Cortex and other opportunists fomenting panic, these children have nothing. Nothing but absurd demands for “100 percent zero emissions.” No knowledge. No scientific insight. No comprehension of the consequences even if this goal was achievable, which it is not.

Zero fossil fuels in reality will result in the deaths of millions of people in poor nations. Less developed countries still use coal. Poor people still need to heat their homes and prepare their food. Freezing and starvation for millions of people will be the result of these policies.

Carbon credits do nothing but put money in the pockets of charlatans to assuage the guilty consciences of people too lazy to give up their SUVs and sports cars in favor of a bike or a scooter.

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