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Matt Walsh:

Many left wingers and Barack Obama sycophants are fainting over Gov. Scott Walker’s recent comments where he said doesn’t know if Obama is a Christian.

I disagree with Walker. I think we all know for sure Obama isn’t a Christian.

Of course, he only made this statement because some ridiculous reporter at the Washington Post thought it necessary and prudent to ask the governor of Wisconsin about the religious convictions of the president. The media that showed little interest in Obama’s religion during his presidential campaign have now discovered it as a relevant issue — relevant for Republican candidates, that is.

Obviously this was a trap question.

If Walker had said “yes,” then the headline would be something like, “Scott Walker Renounces Conservatism, Calls Obama a Wonderful, Godly Christian,” or if they went the other route, it would be, “Racist Scott Walker Assumes Obama Is a Christian Because He’s Black.”

But if Walker had said “no,” the headlines about his unseemly attack on the president’s faith would be automatic. And, it turns out, they were automatic even though he tried to take the middle road.

This should be a lesson to Republicans everywhere (then again, a million things a week should be lessons to Republicans, yet they don’t seem to learn). You never win, no matter what, under any circumstance, when the liberal media set out to trap you. It doesn’t matter what you say or how you say it.

These are dishonest people, and dishonest people are notoriously unconcerned with what actually happens or what is actually said. The moment they put a camera in front of your face, you’re screwed.

So what can you do? Well, you can stow away in a cave and hope they never find you, but it can be difficult to run a campaign that way, so the next best strategy is to call them on their crap whenever given the opportunity.

The governor lightly scolded the reporter for playing games — progress, I suppose — but If I were him, I would have come down much, much harder.

Here, for the record, is the appropriate way to respond:

Do I think Obama is a Christian? Do I look like his biographer? Why not ask me his shoe size next? Maybe his preferred Sleep Number setting? Truly, sir, this line of questioning is the dumbest thing I’ve encountered since the last time I encountered a reporter from the Washington Post. Why in the name of all that is holy are you quizzing me about the president’s religion? Why don’t you quiz him? Oh, that’s right, you’re a groveling coward and a pathetic excuse for a journalist. You forget that you’re job is to get to the truth and enlighten the people, not to seek out Republicans for cheap gotcha moments. You, sir, are a fraud, a disgrace, and an embarrassment to what’s left of your dying profession. This president has prosecuted, spied on, and stifled the media, yet you still carry his water like a spineless vassal. Why don’t you shine his shoes while you’re at it? You should be questioning authority, not shielding it from scrutiny, you shameless hack. I will not legitimize you by answering this question. Instead, I will pray that the Holy Spirit sees fit to endow you with even a shred of integrity and courage, so that you might one day decide to do something that in some way resembles journalism. Until then, please leave my presence before I become physically ill. Thank you, sir, good night.

I’ll tell you one thing: the first candidate who says this to the media will have my vote.

I don’t blame Walker for punting, but it’s rather sad that “questioning the president’s faith” (even though he didn’t) is somehow considered out of bounds. Why shouldn’t we question it? The president deserves to have his faith questioned. Walker was generous, really. I think we do know a thing or two about his religion, and we know that whatever it is, it isn’t Christianity.

As everyone has heard, Obama came of age in Jeremiah Wright’s church, learning that white people are bad and God hates America. He was indoctrinated into a heresy called Black Liberation Theology, which teaches, among other things, that Jesus was a black man who came to free the black race, and that whites can earn salvation through paying reparations to black people.

We could call this as an open and shut case right here. Yet the matter is significantly more definitive than the fact that Obama merely belongs to a fringe, heretical left wing sect invented in the 60′s by Black Power radicals.

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