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The entire media is calling this a “conspiracy theory,” which confuses me– when a Democrat oppo research group shit out an actual conspiracy theory, they insisted on three years of investigation, including illegal surveillance of US citizens, to try to verify it.

But this, they know, on first sight, without any actual investigation, is a “conspiracy theory” unworthy of further consideration.

In addition to being the most virtuous, most intelligent, and most educated humans who ever lived on the earth, it also turns out that our Media-Democrat Complex is skilled in using psychic powers such as precognition.

Rudy Giuliani has revealed some of what he discovered on his trip to the Ukraine, unraveling a conspiracy theory alleging the U.S. Embassy led by then-Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch  ‘quashed’ efforts by Kiev to end a corruption investigation into the disappearance of foreign aid because it was going to a non-governmental organization run by billionaire George Soros.

The former New York City mayor described how he discovered that back in 2017 an organization he called the ‘Ukrainian accounting authority’ did a study, found $5.3 billion in foreign aid missing and attempted to investigate it.

He claimed the U.S. – then under the Obama administration – moved to ‘quash’ the probe.

‘All of the sudden, members of the American Embassy, under control of Marie Yovanovitch, I call her Saint Marie Yovanovitch, come and tell them [the Ukrainians] come and tell them ‘there’s no need to do this, we’re okay with the spending.’

He added: ‘It comes down from the top not to investigate.’

Meanwhile, alleged reporter Chris Wallace is demanding that no actual investigation be done.

“I know there were separation of power issues there,” Wallace said. “But does President Trump still believe that it was Ukraine, not Russia, that interfered in the 2016 election.

“Short said, “It doesn’t have to be an either/or. It can be both.”

“Does the president believe that Ukraine interfered in the 2016 election?” Wallace asked.

“He thinks we should at least investigate it, Chris,” Short said. “It seemed like we could never get enough investigation of foreign interference in our elections for three years, but as soon as the president asks for it, it’s like, ‘Hey, we must impeach him.'”

Wallace said, “Well, that’s not why it happened.”

He brought up the U.S. intel agencies’ assessment about Russian election interference, along with what Fiona Hill said about Ukraine interference claims being “Kremlin disinformation,”

Oh, a single person claimed otherwise.

How does Chris Wallace know which single sources to put all of his trust in, and which to disregard as “conspiracy theorizing”?

There are those psychic powers again.

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