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Aussie Dave:

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Roger Waters has published another post in the wake of his previous creepy note to Scarlett Johansson, but without addressing any of the substantive issues, like the points brought up by Deebo, or his removing of comments.

I have read many of the responses to my Scarlett Johansson/SodaStream post. I feel obliged to reply to some of them.

Just so we are clear, I stand against any and all abuses of human rights when and where ever they may occur.

This includes human rights abuses in Syria, Russia, the United States of America, Israel, China, Thailand, Burma, the ex colonies of the United Kingdom, Belgium, France, Spain, Germany, Holland and all the other colonial and imperialist powers of the last few hundred years. Sorry if I’ve left anyone out, I’m sure I have, the list is endless. Fundamentally, I am against all violations of human rights, always, anywhere. One recoils in disgust at the warmongers, and stands in awe of the care givers, the U.N, Medicins Sans Frontiers, The Red Crescent, and all the other unsung heroes.

“We the People” made our declaration, “The Universal Declaration of Human rights,” in the General Assembly of The United Nations, in Paris on the 10th of December 1948. Enough said.

On another note:

I give heartfelt thanks, to those of you who chose to go online and stand with me, in declaring their opposition to colonialism, occupation, racism, dogma, bigotry and narrow national self-interest, in favor instead, of internationalism, self determination, truth, reason, justice, understanding, discourse, liberty, peace and love.

To quote both Dr King and the recently late and undeniably great Pete Seeger, “We shall overcome one day.”

Maybe, as relates to this particular issue, that day may not be that far off. As Dr King said, ‘I have a dream.’ And, had Dr King lived long enough to see how things have developed in Israel/Palestine, we all know for sure which side of this debate he would be on now.


Here’s a short response to Waters:

Dear Roger,

It is great you read responses to your previous post; not so great you decided to delete those with whom you do not agree, even though they were respectfully put and about bridge-building.

You rattle off a number of places where human rights abuses occur, and granted the list was not exhaustive. But why not mention Gaza? After all, Hamas’ rule of terror on its own civilians is well documented. If you are truly motivated about helping palestinians as you claim – rather than hatred of Israel and quite possibly Jews – then I would have thought their plight at the hands of Hamas would be high on your agenda.

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