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By Sundance

Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene has taken a lot of flak from the leftist movement for her refusal to back-down amid their attacks.  Unfortunately, MTG is also under attack from GOPe quislings in congress.  Today she outlined a message to those GOP peers.

I dedicate this thread to my GOP Colleagues:

The headline of this article should read, “Marjorie Cares About The People Not The Politicians And Refuses To Join The Swamp.”

I didn’t get voted into office by politicians, I serve The People.

It’s unfortunate that some of my GOP colleagues, who have been in Congress a lot longer than me, don’t share the outrage that Republican voters feel about the Democrat’s radical agenda!

As if a $1.9 trillion dollar woke progressive spending spree with only 9% to covid isn’t enough.

Dems destroying women’s rights and sports, wiping out religious freedoms, defunding the police, HR1, and erasing gender completely, doesn’t seem to be enough to make some of my GOP colleagues feel like they can actually stand up out of a chair and walk to go vote for a motion to adjourn.

They’d rather sit on committee zoom meetings where they are mute and their hands are tied doing nothing.

I call for motions to adjourn so that the Democrats can have at least another hour to come to their senses before they vote for this kind of crap.

Oddly, some of my GOP colleagues don’t share my outrage and are annoyed with me, for trying to do anything I possibly can to disrupt and stop the Democrats from destroying our country.

They’re annoyed because it was a little inconvenient and I didn’t tell them ahead of time, so they could just complain to me and try to convince me not to do it.

Sure I understand that the swamp operates a certain way and everyone is frustrated with me that I just don’t dive right off the high dive and plunge right into the murky disgusting slime and just do as I’m told.

But I should remind everyone I wasn’t recruited by “those in charge” to run for Congress. I ran because I’m very much one of those Neanderthal Deplorable Invisible Taxpaying Regular People.

You know the type of person that is supposed to just donate, vote, keep your mouth shut, and “support” the elected Republicans that know way more than us little folks that run businesses, employ people and pay taxes.

You know what made me run for Congress?

In 2016-2018, when the GOP controlled House and Senate couldn’t manage to repeal Obamacare, fund our border wall, did NOT end abortion (even though they all say they are pro-life), and did nothing to stop the ridiculous mind numbing Russian collusion conspiracy theory witch hunt on President Trump.

I along with MOST Republican voters lost full confidence in MANY of the Republicans we elect.

How dare I say this out loud right?

In spite of having President Trump who wanted to sign into law so many good things that R voters desperately wanted, our Republican Congress failed and that’s why they lost the House in 2018.

But so many of these Republicans still don’t seem to get it.

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