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by Mary Chastain

Normally I would let this go, but I have to point out the hypocrisy of the media whenever I see it.
While weird, President Joe Biden is joking, but just imagine if former President Donald Trump said this.

The most disturbing part? The media.
The media cried and whined from their crosses about Orange Man Bad calling them the enemy of the people. The martyred journalists screamed that Orange Man Bad committed violence when he called them fake news.
(Now I have “Eulogy” by Tool in my head!)
Biden tells a female reporter she can only ask a question on Isreal if she steps in front of the truck as he floors it.
The media? Laughter and giggles!
Surely one would think the White House Press Corps would have jumped to protect their own after Biden threatened her. He not only threatened a reporter, but he threatened a female reporter!

But hey! At least we don’t have Orange Man Bad mean tweets!

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