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The White House would never credit Donald Trump with the vaccine rollout unless there was something negative about the vaccine that is going to hit the newswires; that is  a no-brainer.
That baseline is why CTH said two months ago to watch for the moment when the White House credits Trump with the vaccine because that’s the moment when: (1) the vaccine was going to be identified as dangerous; and/or (2) reports would show the vaccine did not work.
Today the White House credited President Trump with the vaccine:

….And right on cue the late-evening reporting indicates that tomorrow the CDC will announce the vaccine doesn’t work (against the Delta variant).   Hence, the need for masks, social distancing and/or possibly lockdowns 2.0.   Reminder, when the Intelligence Branch needs to get the public relations engaged they use the New York Times.
[New York Times] – […] New research showed that vaccinated people infected with the Delta variant carry tremendous amounts of the virus in the nose and throat, she said in an email responding to questions from The New York Times.

The finding contradicts what scientists had observed in vaccinated people infected with previous versions of the virus, who mostly seemed incapable of infecting others.


That conclusion dealt Americans a heavy blow: People with so-called breakthrough infections — cases that occur despite full vaccination — of the Delta variant may be just as contagious as unvaccinated people, even if they have no symptoms. (link)

Bottom line of this narrative shift… Vaccinations don’t work. Everything goes back to square one. Blame Trump, not us.
There is also data showing that COVID hospitalizations offer no distinction between vaccinated and unvaccinated; and in the example of LA county the percentage of  vaccinated people hospitalized with COVID is identical to the percentage of vaccinated people in the general population.  [70% of population vaccinated, 70% of COVID hospitalization patients are vaccinated]  The vaccine offers no benefit from the standing of hospitalization… or so it appears.
In San Francisco 77% of the population is vaccinated and 83% of the COVID hospitalizations at University of California SF Hospital are previously vaccinated [link].   Again, highlighting the vaccine offers no benefit from the standpoint of hospitalization.
Additionally, there’s data from a recent pfizer study [Pre-Release pdf Here] where 44,000 patients were studied.  22,000 were given the vaccine and 22,000 received the placebo.  The results amid both groups was almost identical.

Two COVID deaths in 22,000 for non-vaxxed (death rate of .0009%), and one COVID death out of 22,000 for the vaccinated group (death rate .00009%).   In essence, COVID is not that dangerous and has a very high survival rate depending on co-morbidities or pre-existing medical issues.
So what does all this jumbled mess really add up to?
If we can predict pretty accurately, based entirely on political ideology and a review of the calendar, what will happen around the COVID mitigation narrative; which we have been doing for over a year; then that means the politics of COVID is what’s driving the actions of those who are using COVID.  Politics is driving the narrative.
Here’s a high level overview of what it appears to be…

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