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Thread via Dr. Roger Marshall

As a reminder, this is how Democrats have governed over the last 2 years:
Dems tried to fire 44 million Americans over a vaccine that doesn’t stop transmissions.

Dems tried to dishonorably discharge U.S. servicemembers for refusing the vaccine when Biden’s own son received a lesser discharge for cocaine use.

Dems halted American Energy which contributed to $5 gas, depleted our strategic reserve, and put our national security at risk.
The Biden Admin also spent months lying to the American people claiming that they have not been interfering with American oil production. Well the truth is out, “No more drilling” Biden said himself. Wonder how they will try to spin this now.

Dems spent over $4 TRILLION in federal funding that went to unneeded pandemic aid, radical climate agendas, and give aways to upper-class college graduates.
Dems’ out-of-control spending contributed heavily to the 13.5% inflation increase that has occurred since Biden took office.

Dems opened our borders and gave free secret flights and phones to unvetted illegal immigrants.

Biden’s disastrous Afghanistan retreat led to the deaths of 13 U.S. servicemembers. Biden’s CDC wants to make the COVID vaccine mandatory for children when they have little to no risk of severe COVID infection.

Biden’s CDC colluded with teachers’ unions to keep students home- test scores plummeted as a result. (…) 
Dems declared war on parents asking questions about their children’s curriculum in taxpayer funded classrooms. (…) 
Just a few years ago, we had the greatest economy of my lifetime. Now many American families are stretching their dollars to make ends meet.

In Biden’s America, the Left thinks you shouldn’t be concerned about mundane things like murder rates.

Dems can play with crime stats, but Americans know the truth. Crime is surging, and many cities across our country are less safe today than the day Biden took office.

Under Biden, farm input prices like fertilizer and diesel for the Ag industry have skyrocketed.
Biden’s EPA, like Obama’s before him, wants to control your land and livelihood through unnecessary regulations like the WOTUS rule and 30 x 30.


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