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Katherine Timpf:

Everyone’s favorite fake-black white person, Rachel Dolezal, is now trying to explain herself by saying that she does not believe race is real.

“Other people are operating on an autopilot that race is coded in your DNA, that there are different races of human beings and those races are called black, white, etc. As opposed to race is a fiction that was invented,” she toldthe Guardian.

“What I believe about race is that race is not real,” she continued. “It’s not a biological reality. It’s a hierarchical system that was created to leverage power and privilege between different groups of people.”

Now, correct me if I’m wrong, but declaring that “race is not real” seems like a pretty weird thing to say if you built your entire career and life around it. We’re talking about a former NAACP leader and African studies lecturer. We’re talking about someone whose life was so controlled by her obsession with race that she once said she’d be too scared to go to a Tea Party rally because of the “all-white crowds.”

“If somebody asked me how I identify, I identify as black,” she told the Guardian. “Nothing about whiteness describes who I am.”

That sure as hell sounds like someone that cares about race to me. I mean, how could she possibly explain believing that race doesn’t matter and being too scared to attend a rally because people of a certain race would be there? Was she saying that it’s all about how you identify; she was afraid of the Tea Partiers because they identified as white and not because they physically appeared that way?

Nope. In fact, she seems to be a big believer that appearance does matter in discussions of race. She once allegedly told a Hispanic student that she couldn’t participate in a class discussion because she “didn’t look Hispanic enough.” She also told The Guardian outright that the appearance of having a being a certain race does make a big difference — and that that was exactly why she had every right to comment on it:

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