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by sundance

Russian President Vladimir Putin has long accused NATO and the collective west of trying to interfere in the nations of their adversaries. Using the recent examples of Egypt, Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran and Syria, specifically Putin has said the United States wants to overthrow the elected leader of Russia.
Until today the western governments have denied this allegation. However, in his rambling and inarticulate speech in Poland today Joe Biden stated of Vladimir Putin “for God’s sake, this man cannot remain in power,” a direct call for the regime change the same Biden administration has denied.
Expect a clean-up effort in 3,… 2,… WATCH:

Overall, it was clear the people behind the Biden administration were attempting to use the background of a grand speech in Poland to reset the failing administration of Joe Biden.  However, they failed miserably.  [Transcript forthcoming]  
It was yet another “democracy -vs- autocracy” narrative effort by the people trying to prop up Joe Biden.



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