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by Ace

The executive director of Project Veritas says that this is all a misunderstanding and fake news — they did ask employees for… comments about James O’Keefe. This is a downplayed reference to what was alleged to be a “struggle session,” with employees berating O’Keefe for his abrasive management style.
But they say they never even considered firing James O’Keefe, and he’s just enjoying a needed vacation.


This is all bullsh!t, because if this were true, James O’Keefe would not have refused comment even to his allies for a week.
But it seems that the board is retreating from its plan, or notion at least, of removing James O’Keefe.
The tryhard spin from Project Veritas is cringe, as the kids say:

Here’s a link to the post with the picture of O’Keefe’s stacked girlfriend.
I imagine that O’Keefe is abrasive. I wouldn’t guess that all the employees are just making stuff up. Although… they probably employ a lot of Millennials, and you know, with Millennials, if you’re not praising them and validating them, you’re literally causing harm and making them unsafe and denying their right to exist.
So who knows. But the board of directors aren’t Millennials, I don’t think, so they wouldn’t consider removing O’Keefe if this was just some silly Millennials squealing.

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