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A quick back-of-the-envelope calculation tells me that 59% disapproval is nearly 60% disapproval.
Take that!, eighth grade algebra teacher Mrs. Hobarth.
This is the lowest level of support in the Reuters poll for Biden’s ” ” ” Presidency. ” ” ”

His overall approval was down six percentage points from 42% last week.Biden’s approval rating has been below 50% since August, raising alarms that his Democratic Party is on track to lose control of at least one chamber of Congress in the Nov. 8 midterm election.
In a sign of weakening enthusiasm among Democrats, Biden’s approval rating within his own party fell to 72% from 76% the prior week. Only 10% of Republicans approve of his job in office.

36% of the public say the economy is the most important issue, and it has been the most important issue for the past 37 weeks.
Harvard-Harris poll puts Biden’s approval at 41%, with 54% disapproving. That sounds better, but he’s underwater on all issues, except for covid, where he’s slightly above water.

Only 35 percent of registered voters approve of Biden’s handling of the economy, 44 percent approve of his efforts to stimulate job growth and just 33 percent approve of his handling of inflation. Thirty-eight percent of respondents say they support his handling of immigration, and his approval rating on foreign affairs sits at 40 percent.
However, 52 percent of registered voters said they approve of his handling of COVID-19, the lone bright spot in the survey for the White House.
Yet overall, his sagging approval ratings portend a political atmosphere this midterm cycle that will heavily favor Republicans — and warn that a 2024 reelection bid could be a slog.
“Biden continues to struggle with the job and is particularly being slammed by the voters over inflation and immigration. No president has been reelected with numbers like these on job performance,” said pollster Mark Penn.

I don’t think that 52% “approval” on covid helps Biden. Obviously, it doesn’t appear to help him in overall approval.
I think people are smart enough to understand that to the extent that they credit vaccines for blunting the spread of covid, that happened under Trump. And that covid was not really controlled by any intervention pushed by the government, but by the natural processes that many epidemiologists said would be the only way it would eventually be defanged — it would spread and spread and mutate into more transmissible but less dangerous forms, until it became endemic like the yearly flu.
The Harvard-Harris poll notes this unsurprising finding:

Eddie Zipperer @EddieZipperer
NEW Harvard-Harris poll: Only 39% of independents believe that President Biden in “mentally fit” vs 61% who say they “have doubts about his fitness”
Full poll

Note that the media continues to impose a complete embargo on discussion of this topic. They will only even broach the subject to declare how outrageous it is that Republicans dare to “seize” and “pounce” on it.
Meanwhile, Goldman Sachs puts the odds of a recession in the next two years (try the “the next two quarters”) at 35%.
Take that risk and double it! And then add 30%.
This is actually from last week, but its message — that Professor Bungles is a decrepit disaster who has doomed our once-great country — is timeless.

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