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by Sundance

People have asked for a summary of the current status of Special Counsel Jack Smith and the background of what is happening within the investigation as it takes place in the shadows of the DC schemes.  So here’s an analysis and review of: (a) the corrupt endeavor that Jack Smith represents; and (b) the problem he will never overcome in his quest to use lawfare tactics against President Donald Trump.

Two points, at the outset of this outline.  First, if you know anyone better acquainted with the granular issues at the core of this investigation than me; or if you know someone who has a documented day-by-day research library of the events discussed as they unfolded; let me know who they are, and I will talk to them.  Second, if you think John Durham is on some quest to provide justice where the landscape is filled with injustice, you need to reevaluate your position, it’s wrong.

To the second point, stop kidding yourself with false doses of hopium.  Special Counsel John Durham exists for the exact same reason the Robert Mueller and Andrew Weissmann special counsel existed.  The goal of the silo defenses is to protect Washington DC from the disinfecting sunlight you are about to read.  However, in the bigger picture there is nothing these Machiavellian conscripts can do to change the substantive truth.

In the most recent development the New York Times is reporting, “Boris Epshteyn, a top adviser to former President Donald J. Trump, is scheduled to be interviewed on Thursday by prosecutors in the office of the special counsel Jack Smith.” {link} Let me write the remainder of this summary from the perspective that Jack Smith has a big problem; his problem is the truth of events that protects Donald Trump.

In 2016 and 2017 the combined corrupt weight of multiple DC institutions, that includes the intelligence community, DOJ, FBI, Obama White House, legislative leadership, the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, and the political apparatchiks around the Democrat machinery, all colluded to illegally and unconstitutionally spy on the presidential campaign of Donald J Trump.  Their activity culminated in the fraudulent Trump-Russia collusion conspiracy and fake 2016 election Russian interference claims.

Everything created as an outcome of this spying, surveillance and ultimately the Trump-Russia narrative, was built on fraud.  Even the casual observers now admit it was political weaponization of government institutions to illegally target political opposition.  In May of 2017 Robert Mueller was installed to cover up this operation.  The lawfare team put into place by the system operators who were at greatest risk from discovery, was headed by Andrew Weissmann.  Mueller represented the face, but Weissmann was the lead operative constructing the coverup operation.

♦ Declassification #1 – In 2018, as the details of the fraud began to surface, President Trump -directly, and through his White House counsel- told then Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein to declassify all of the information and the paper trail of mounting investigative documents so the American people could see what happened.  Rosenstein informed President Trump the Weissmann/Mueller team would consider declassifying information “obstruction of their investigation.”

The position of the Mueller probe was again the coverup operation, which would be threatened by any declassification of evidence.  The threat of obstruction was leveraged to keep the sunlight away, while the second phase of the Trump removal operation was ongoing.   Facing this threat, President Trump was told to wait until Mueller was complete.

♦ Declassification #2 – Bill Barr is appointed Attorney General in 2019 and was told again -directly by Trump, and through his White House counsel- that all documents related to the illegal spying and targeting operation were to be declassified and released to the public.   The Mueller/Weissmann investigation concluded, Bill Barr was instructed to release the declassified evidence.

Attorney General Bill Barr informed President Trump directly and through counsel, that Office of Inspector General Michael Horowitz was conducting an internal investigation, and the prior Mueller/Weissmann probe had blocked the OIG from access to certain sensitive documents.

Additionally, to provide further “assurances,” which were really delays protecting the DC institutions, AG Barr appointed an independent U.S. Attorney from Connecticut named John Durham to investigate the claims in the background of the Trump-Russia fraud.

Similar to the prior position of DAG Rosenstein concerning the Mueller probe, AG Barr now told President Trump that any declassification of documents could be considered an impediment to the Durham investigation, and concurrently IG Horowitz would be conducting additional internal review, which was likely to provide the sunlight that President Trump was demanding.  After all, Horowitz didn’t get to see the stuff Weissmann was hiding, and presumably now he could.

Frustrated, yet still retaining his position on the declassification of documents, President Trump accepted the issue as presented.  In May of 2019, President Trump in combination with White House counsel, issued an executive memorandum giving AG Bill Barr the executive and legal authority to declassify the evidence in order to provide it to both IG Michael Horowitz and USAO John Durham.

Important NOTE:  Notice that twice President Trump has ordered the declassification of documents, and also deferred the timing so that he did not interfere with ongoing investigations.  The declassification of documents exists, AND, the deference to avoid legal exposure within an “obstruction” threat exists.  Both of these lawfare attack angles are the issues at the core of what Special Counsel Jack Smith is currently attempting to construct.

It is important at this juncture to apply hindsight to what was taking place, and to accept the reality of how corrupt the system truly is.

AG Bill Barr appointed John Durham specifically to continue representing a legal block that would stop President Trump from unilaterally declassifying information.  Let me be very specific, Attorney General Bill Barr appointed John Durham to maintain the “obstruction” threat.

Rod Rosenstein, Robert Mueller, Michael Horowitz, Bill Barr, John Durham and now, Merrick Garland, Lisa Monaco and Jack Smith, were/are all attempting to defend the institutional interests of a comprehensively corrupt Washington DC political apparatus.  All of these participants were/are involved in one long continuum of an effort to hide the corruption and protect the institutions.  The weaponized institutions of government, and the evidence of that corrupt activity, are what they are protecting.

♦ Declassification #3 – Following the 2020 election, and again with the advice of White House counsel as the guide, President Trump declassified for the third time the documents that show the illegal weaponization of the DOJ, FBI, ODNI, SSCI and larger Intelligence Community (IC).  Again, with the threat of “obstruction” as the overlay, on the final day in office President Donald J Trump left these instructions for the U.S. Attorney General:

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