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by Steve Cortes

To punch back at Biden’s unparalleled escalation, President Trump should immediately and formally declare his candidacy for the presidency.
With chaos comes opportunity.
The shameful Biden raid on President Trump’s Mar a Lago home and office clearly escalates the Left’s brazen assaults on the rule of law, precedents, and political norms. For seven full years now, the full powers of the administrative state have targeted Donald Trump, sometimes openly but mostly surreptitiously.
From his first candidacy to his transition and his time in office, the operatives of a parallel, unaccountable government employ every despicable maneuver to concoct some legally disqualifying case against Trump.
Now, this corrupt effort ramps up in Trump’s post presidency. Why? Because Trump still presents the clearest, most formidable threat to the ruling class generally, and the Biden White House specifically — as the regime continually loses support among the American citizenry.
In response to this unparalleled escalation, President Trump should immediately and formally declare his candidacy for the presidency in 2024 for three reasons:
1.     Desperate Tactics Demand a Response – using armed federal agents as political police to raid the private dwelling of a political rival takes America to a new and dark place. Even if some flimsy legal pretext actually exists regarding a debate over document classification, then any legitimate DOJ would negotiate proceedings with the 45th president’s legal team.
An forced raid telegraphs the true intent of Biden and his jackboots: pure intimidation with an aim to indict Trump and try to prevent him from running. It is high time to meet fire with fire. Thankfully, there is no better counterpuncher in public life. Donald Trump is the Floyd Mayweather of politics. Boldly declaring his candidacy now conveys strength and a willingness to fight back with action, not merely tough words and elaborate condemnations.
2.     Reinvigorate the Spirits of the People – America’s citizens have never been more despondent. Regarding the economy, confidence hits an all-time low in surveys that extend back 7 decades. Biden’s radical mismanagement brings calamity and deprivation to our country. His multiple created crises — from the open border, to the botched Afghanistan withdrawal, to exploding inflation – spread doubt and cynicism across our homeland.
But a declaration now from President Trump can begin the process of national restoration by offering solutions to the mess Biden creates, including the politicization of federal law enforcement and the intelligence community, which now represent far graver dangers to our republic than any foreign adversary.
Moreover, President Trump right now has an opportunity to reach Independents and reasonable Democrats, as any rational citizen will recoil at the notion of this unprecedented raid against the political opposition. Even before this incursion at Mar a Lago, Biden flounders among Independents, with his latest Gallup approval at only 31%, cut in half since he took office.
3.     Frame the Messaging Now — Attorney General Garland, FBI Director Wray, and Joe Biden clearly intended to appear tough with this dubious break-in. But in reality, this raid reeks of desperation. They remain so fearful of Donald Trump and his threat to their abuses of power that they will trample on norms and processes to try to trap Trump. As such, this Third World tactic presents an opening for President Trump.
Trump can galvanize his support among the masses of American citizens. Not only does Trump stand to activate the 74 million citizens who voted for him in 2020 (an all-time record for a president), but he can also earn the support of millions more who suffer from the present stagnation inflicted by Biden and reject the Stasi-like secret police tactics of this government.

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