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As antifa and BLM threaten to come to the suburbs to assault, loot, and burn, the Sheriff of Polk County, Florida, has a stark warning: Trespassers will be shot, and this is not just lip-service.

With leftwing mayors and governors giving their voters/rioters/arsonists/murderers “space to destroy,” of course citizens are required to do the job the cops won’t do, or have been ordered not to do:

So what the fuck is left of our country? Blue states and cities have entirely given up their primary responsibility, that of protecting the citizenry and keeping the public order.

Instead, they’ve unleashed Mad Max violent atomism on us all.

I hope Polk County ignores Joey Fingers’ bizarre new protocol for law enforcement: If someone is literally rushing at you to attack you, you must NOT shoot center mass, but should attempt to “wing ‘im,” like a fucking Tom Mix cowboty.

Whether the sad bromide repeaters of the National Review want to admit it or not, this country is dissolving. When the local armed forces (I mean the police) of one county has to threaten to kill cross-border raiders from an adjoining county — as if these were Texan settlers warning Pancho Villa’s raiders to stay in Mexico — there is no more America anymore, there is only Thunderdome.

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