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by Sundance

Put a fork in the opposition denials to what was increasingly obvious; it’s over.
Last summer we saw the fingerprints of the professional republican apparatus all over the construct that was creating the Ron DeSantis 2024 effort.  The data was all going in one direction, all of the constructs were identical to the Karl Rove playbook with the single addition of the Republican Governor’s Association as a participant.   As the months moved forward the Rovian elements became more and more clear.  The DeSantis supporters tried to deny it, but the truth of the issue is just too obvious.
Now, insider republican political pundit Mark Simone admits that Team Bush and Karl Rove are the specific organizers of the DeSantis 2024 effort.   Appearing on Fox Business, Larry Kudlow asks directly, “who is behind the DeSantis campaign?”   Simone admits, “yeah, it’s Karl Rove – Karl Rove has been advising DeSantis, that’s why he’s been getting a little bit better every week.”
Thanks to user ‘Escalated Entrophy” who cut the clip for me after I found it.  Additionally, CTH has also heard from a new source that has been hired to do part of the DeSantis 2024 campaign operation.  Anticipate a formal 2024 campaign announcement within the next two weeks.   The RdS team goal is not for DeSantis to win, the goal is to stop Trump from winning.
Everything is exactly what I have been saying it was since last August.   CTH was 100% correct.

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