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Evidence of the long-asserted “political persecution” of former President Donald J. Trump is mounting, as cyber sleuths and Team Trump itself begin to release information linking New York District Attorney staff to far-left social media activism, as well as real-world consulting work with top Democrats.

The 45th President of the United States has long alleged that the charges being brought against him by the New York District Attorney’s office were politically charged, rather than having serious legal grounding. Now, the National Pulse can report the links between at least two senior staff involved in the case, and far-left activism.

The news adds to the already demonstrated links between progressive billionaire George Soros and the District Attorney, Alvin Bragg, himself. Bragg received up to a million dollars in Soros funding in the run up to his election.

Other District Attorneys’ office staff have been deleting their social media profiles in response to the reporting over their far-left links.

Jordan Stockdale, Alvin Bragg’s Chief of Staff.

The first major case outed by Twitter sleuth ‘The Wuhan Clan’ concerns Jordan Stockdale, Alvin Bragg’s own Chief of Staff — the senior most position in the office, second only to the District Attorney himself.

A social media account attributed to Stockdale has a history of ‘liking’ posts calling for Donald Trump to be impeached and banned from running for office. The behavior stands out because Bragg and his team have insisted the investigation was conducted in an “impartial” manner.

A now-viral thread shows posts by the likes of Bernie Sanders and former Obama staffer Michael Blake, crying out for Trump to be not just impeached but barred “from EVER being able to run for office again.” The tweets appear to have been endorsed by the account ‘@JMichaelStock’, linked to Stockdale, and hastily deleted. A version cached by Google strongly suggests it belonged to the Bragg staffer.

The handle was also tagged numerous times as Stockdale over a period of years, and is identical to the handle of an Instagram account – also now deleted – which also appears to have been his.

Loren Merchan, the daughter of the judge presiding.

The daughter of New York Supreme Court Justice Juan Merchan, the judge presiding over Donald J. Trump’s indictment in New York appears to have actually worked on Vice President Kamala Harris’s Presidential Campaign just three years ago.

Loren Merchan was considered a 2020 Campaign and Elections ‘Rising Star’. Her party affiliation is listed as ‘Democrat’, and a biography on the website reads, “In addition to doing ground-breaking, historical work for clients like Jon tester, Kamala Harris, Adam Schiff, and others, Authentic Campaigns is setting new industry standards through its commitment to diversity, transparent compensation employee benefits, and more.”

Before being taken down, Merchan’s Linkedin history revealed her work as the Director of Digital Persuasion for ‘Kamala Harris for the People’ – the now Vice President’s 2020 presidential campaign. 

News broke Tuesday of her involvement in Harris’s election campaign, and 

Judge Juan Merchan has been described as a “lifelong Democrat” – a political viewpoint clearly shared with his daughter.

As a result of ongoing enquiries, the Manhattan D.A’s office appeared to remove their “Meet Our Team” page from their website entirely, as online investigators began pouring over their historical content.

Meg G. Reiss, Chief Assistant to Alvin Bragg.

The host of the ‘Big Dig Energy’ show on Rumble, known by ‘L’ on Twitter, has begun archiving the now deleted data, including the now-deleted accounts of Bragg’s wife Jamila, and staff Meg Reiss, also recently exposed as being a hardline anti-Trump activist involved in the case.

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