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Between Friday night and Saturday night, as Ali Velshi hosted some of MSNBC’s live coverage of Hurricane Irma hitting Florida, the MSNBC host repeatedly pushed for there to be more discussion of “climate change” and how the U.S. government might try to effect it in the future.

Ironically, on Saturday night, as Craig Melvin hosted MSNBC for a couple of hours, he fretted that there had not been enough discussion of “climate change” even though Velshi repeatedly brought it up earlier that day, and even hosted an entire segment on it that morning.

On Friday night’s All In program, host Chris Hayes brought up the issue, and, substitute hosting for The Last Word a couple hours later, Velshi also brought up “climate change” with Miami Mayor Tomas Regalado as a guest.

On Saturday morning, Velshi brought up the issue with Regalado again, and soon wondered if Florida Governor Rick Scott might change his mind about the issue because of the hurricane hitting his state.

At 11:37 a.m. ET, Velshi then held a seven-minute discussion about global warming without dissenting opinions on whether global warming is happening — and if so, why it’s happening — as he was joined by three guests.

After going to NASA meteorologist Scott Braun for his reaction to EPA head Scott Pruitt’s resistance to discuss global warming, Velshi turned to former EPA official Mustafa Ali and brought up Rush Limbaugh as he posed:

What do you say, Mustafa, to people who say this isn’t the time for the conversation, or people like Rush Limbaugh who said this is media hype to advance a climate change agenda?

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