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by Ace

And they were so loud that the sliding glass doors in the room had to be closed.

Which trapped their air and increased the odds of covid transmission.


Fox 11 Los Angeles broke the story and published the pics.

FOX 11 spoke to the woman who took the photos and told us:

“While we were there we realized there was a very loud party going on in a room 20 feet from us. It was a bit annoying since you’re spending hard-earned money to go there.”

She said, “It got louder and louder and so they had some sliding glass doors that they were able to close, so then it was a closed-off room but you could still hear them with how loud they were.”

“I just happened to look over and realize hey is that Gavin Newsom, who is that? And I did ask one of the waitresses and she confirmed it was, so I was able to take a couple of photos, I was able to document this especially since nobody was wearing a mask. It was a very large group of people shoulder to shoulder, something that he’s always telling us not to do so yeah it was a bit annoying for sure”, the woman said.

After the woman heard his public apology she said, “I was surprised because it didn’t look like he was uncomfortable being there until the very end until people were looking at him and staring at him as he was leaving the room.”

If I understand this right, Newsom is claiming that because the indoor room had French doors to the outside, this converted this indoor space into an “outdoor space.”

That is an absurd lie. Opening your windows does not turn indoors into outdoors.

This is obviously bullshit, but on top of it being bullshit from the jump, the french doors had to be closed because the party was so loud.

Pictures below.

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