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…for not wearing a mask. They actually attempt to physically intimidate him, and hit him.
Video below.
Also below: The left is arriving two years late to the realization that the covid panic is overblown and, as a great man said, “The cure must not be worse than the disease,” but they want to be congratulated about their late arrival like they just got to the Moon under their own power.

I’m glad that parts of the left — like Weiss, Maher, and Maher’s clapping seal audience — are coming to their senses. That means that covid hysteria will be ending soon.
But can they have the grace to acknowledge that many people, deplorably located on the right, were here for two years?
The serendipity should be noted, here — leftwing lesbian Bari Weiss makes this “brave” declaration that she’s done with covid the week after after alleged “conservative” blog National Review courageously declares that Fauci should be fired.
Wow, so many brave, unprecedented stances by people all of a sudden.
At least, they’re not precedented by anyone who matters.

The most hideous of the Karens aren’t letting go just yet. Here’s Whoopie Goldberg scolding Bill Maher for his monologue in which he said he was sick of living in the fantasy world of the covid-paranoid.
She claims that lots of “children” are dying of covid. Because she doesn’t want to admit she’s not panicky “for the sake of the children.” She’s scared for her own obese ass but wants to make her cringing panic sound heroic and noble-minded.
As with the Teachers Unions, Whoopie is All About the Kids. That’s why she’ll keep them masked forever. For them — not for her.
Meanwhile, in Virginia, seven school districts have established a #KarenResistance and are fighting Governor Youngkin’s executive order that masks are optional for students.
One school superintendent, a “doctor” (lol), announced his plans to suspend any student not wearing a mask, calling it a “dress code violation.”

Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS) Superintendent Dr. Scott Brabrand on Friday issued a 34-page “Principal Briefing” PowerPoint presentation at a meeting with school administrators that ordered them to suspend students who refuse to wear a mask.Asra Nomani from Parents Defending Education posted the presentation on her substack, noting that Brabrand had gone “rogue” in defiance of newly minted Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin’s (R) executive order allowing parents to decide whether their child will wear a mask in school.
The presentation posted by Nomani noted that refusing to wear a mask would count as a “Dress Code” violation and be subject to suspension.

The seven districts “resisting” the actual science are claiming the CDC is ordering kids to be masked — but it doesn’t. It recommends masking — based on that fake Arizona study which was debunked and almost surely commissioned by the teachers’ unions — but does not “order” anything.

Furthermore, the CDC makes lots of recommendations, many of which these #Resistance schools are ignoring.
Why should they be allowed to pick and choose what recommendations they will follow or ignore, and then claim of the ones they follow, that those are legally binding?

Phil Kerpen @kerpen
The CDC recommends; it doesn’t require.
A school district cannot choose to follow one particular CDC recommendation to the extent of violating parental rights.
Doing so is not practicable under SB 1303.

That’s the state law they’re claiming incorporates the CDC’s recommendations by reference.

Screenshot (1339).png
And isn’t this strange?
Screenshot (1340).png
When Republicans win, the Democrats immediately form a #Resistance — including an illegal one, with bureaucrats subverting the government they work for for personal political reasons.
When Democrats win, they declare “the People have spoken!” and accuse anyone objecting of being treasonous insurrectionists and Bull Connor Racists.

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