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Red Alert Politics:

In a crowd of more than one million, you would think that one man’s absence wouldn’t be felt. But when that person is the President of the United States and the event is the Paris Unity March, the snub might have overshadowed the positive news coming out of the event.

Obama’s absence was still trending on Twitter a day later and brutal headlines about it led in papers across the country. Op-eds from media figures and 2016 hopefuls popped up and all came to one conclusion — He should have been there.

The New York Daily News and the New York Post didn’t hold anything back on their front pages.

New York Daily News Paris RallyNY POST paris rally

Twitter started up the hashtag, #ReasonsObamaMissedFranceRally, and the results were hilarious.

Sen. Ted Cruz (R – Texas) wrote an op-ed for Time on Obama’a absence, calling it “symbolic of the lack of American leadership on the world stage.” He said that the U.S. should have stood with the other nations.

“This is where we can find our strength—by coordinating closely with our allies who are fighting this common threat. We can reject attempts to draw a moral equivalence between our friends and those who support or condone the terrorists. Instead, we should condemn and shun state sponsors of terrorism. We should encourage Muslim nations like Egypt and Saudi Arabia to join us and aspire to freedom in their own societies.And, we should make it clear to the radical Islamic terrorists that the United States is not going to simply “move on” from Paris in the hopes that they will leave us alone, but rather that we are going to call them out by name as we stand strong and lead the fight against them,” Cruz wrote.

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