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Matt Welch @ Hit & Run:

Sure, the president of the United States called the Internal Revenue Service targeting of Tea Party and conservative groups “intolerable and inexcusable,” but that hasn’t stopped an army of commentators from claiming loudly and proudly that there’s no there there. Just do a Google News search on “so-called scandal,” and here’s part of what comes up:

Elizabeth DrewNew York Review of Books:

References to Watergate, impeachment, even Richard Nixon, are being tossed around these days as if they were analogous to the current so-called scandals.

David HorseyLos Angeles Times:

Sadly, after this so-called scandal has blown over and enough heads have rolled, the cowed IRS will be even more timid in denying tax-exempt designation to any front organization run by partisan political operatives and funded by corporate moneymen who want to keep their names out of the news.

GET IT??? |||Thom Hartmann,Truthout:

The fact is, while the GOP obsesses aboutso-called scandal, the pressing issues facing our nation are being ignored.

Nelson GravesThe News Virginian:

Admittedly, errors in judgment were made in regards to the Benghazi and IRS so-called scandals. But the DOJ was completely within its rights to protect American security.

And so on.

But the real party comes when you search on “the real scandal.” So much to choose from!

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