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by Don Surber

Democrats messed up they New York City mayoral primary by including 130,000-plus “test run” votes in the tabulation of the votes. The first reaction in the media was not that this was a scandal and someone should walk the plank. No, the kneejerk reaction was OMG, this helps Trump!
Ah, New York, New York. If they can fake it there, they’ll fake it anywhere.
The Washington Post immediately went into its Frank Drebin mode.
It posted a story, “New York’s mayoral election is a mess. This doesn’t somehow prove Donald Trump right.”
The Hill used seize in a headline, which is journalese for Democrats screwed up.
It said, “Trump, GOP seize on NY election board problems.”
The story began, “The New York City Board of Elections is facing mounting criticism after it erroneously released — and later retracted — a botched tally of votes in the city’s closely watched Democratic mayoral primary.
“The problems in New York have also provided a new talking point for former President Trump and his allies, who have spent months seeking to sow distrust in the electoral process.”

The media knows the primary meltdown indeed lends credence to Donald Trump’s unexamined claim that Democrats stole the 2020 election.
None dare say that for fear of banishment by Twitter.
One thing about The Donald is he never lies. They said he would not be nominated. He was. They said he would lose to Hillary. He won. They said Obama did not wiretap him. Obama did. They said his tax cuts would not work. The cuts did.
Moving the embassy to Jerusalem did not start World War III. Calling Kim Jong Un “Rocket Man” did not start World War III. Killing General Soleimani did not start World War III.
And under Biden, we learn the illegals do include rapists, murderers, and terrorists.
Only the dumbest people in the world idiot would ignore his claims of voter fraud based on his track record.
Now you know who America’s journalists are.
Not all of them.
The Week reported, “New York hands Trump a victory on election unreliability.”
It was a red-pilled story, which ended, “This is bad. The United States is undergoing a precipitous collapse in the authority of its institutions, public as well as private, that is driven, in part, by evidence of their incompetence and corruption. Self-government, meanwhile, depends on the existence of institutions that can be trusted to determine the outcome of election contests fairly and accurately. Put those two facts together and we’re left with the extremely dangerous possibility that the official results of elections will be routinely rejected by participants and their supporters.

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